U12 Team1

The Trafalgar Victory Under 12s played Churchill at home in near perfect conditions for soccer for their round 6 match.  Both teams appeared evenly matched based upon previous matches and ladder position.

The Trafalgar team was rearranged slightly to provide a little more experience in the backline and this assisted in the structure and balance of the team.  Defenders Haylee and Rhys both kept the backline organised and  accountable and collectively the defensive line managed well throughout the entire game.  Nic played another reliable match as did the ever improving Jaynie who just keeps getting better and more confident with every game.

The Trafalgar midfield provide a great delivery to the up front strikers as well as defending grandly and linking with the defensive line.  Ben and Michael player their typical dependable match, with both players directing play and control the speed of the game.  Wingers Drew and Jacob also played excellent matches and provided considerable run along their respective wings.

The role of strikers was shared across a range of players throughout the match but Josh certainly earned his position with 2 first half goals and it was new recruit Connor who also chipped in with a lovely goal in the dying minutes of the first half to give Trafalgar a comfortable 3-1 lead at half time.

In the second half numerous interchange rotations occurred and several players were tried in new positions.  Kate and Ewan spent some time in attack and Ewan came very close to scoring a lovely goal on his left boot following a delightful string of passes.  Kate continues to impress with her determination and intensity on the ball.  Rhys played a very important role as a tagger accounting for Churchill’s stand out player.

One player who didn’t change positions during the game was keeper Jackson.  In his first match as keeper, Jackson made numerous saves, read the play well and displayed very safe hands. Only once did Churchill score against this outstanding keeper and on this occasion the ball was struck from close range giving Jackson very little opportunity to prevent the goal.

The second half proved to be a 0-0 stalemate.  However, there were indeed numerous near goals for both teams and a most entertaining match all round.

Congratulations to the team for their great game and team effort.  All players did their bit to ensure the win and all should feel suitably proud of their efforts.

This weeks awards could have been presented to anyone of the fourteen players.  However, with only two available per week, the players of the day were ??? and Michael Judd

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