The following teams have entered the 2017 5-A-Side Tournament:

Open Men’s Division

  • Team.1 The Ting Goes (Contact: Alec Edmondson)
  • Team.2 Peppi Mac (Contact: Alec Edmondson)
  • Team.3 Lachy and the others (Contact: Lachy Beaton)
  • Team.4 Full of Strikers (Contact: Russell Musgrove)

Open Women’s Division 

  • Team.1 TVFC 1 (Contact: Claudia Wyatt)
  • Team.2 Fonash (Contact: Sheeny Whadcoat)
  • Team.3 Olympians (Contact: Trish)
  • Team.4 TBA (Contact: TBA)

Junior Division

  • Team.1 Fearsome Five (Contact: Logan Winter)
  • Team.2 Idunno (Contact: Lisa Tammes-Sieh)
  • Team.3 The Birds (Contact: Melinda Smith)
  • Team.4 Black FC (Contact: ?)