Amanda Hines – LVSL’s Senior Women’s “Player’s Player”

TVFC Senior Women’s star Amanda Hines has won the Latrobe Valley Soccer League’s inaugural “Player’s Player” title for the 2018 Season. For the first time in the league’s history players from every club allocated 3, 2, 1 votes for the player they believe was the best in the league.

The announcement of this award was warmly acknowledged by all present at LVSL’s Presentation Evening held at the Australian Italian Club on Friday the 19th of October. The TVFC representatives were confident that Amanda had was a genuine chance of winning the award. However, when her name was announced as the recipient there was still much excitement and surprise.

Amanda has come a long way from when she first started playing soccer at the age of seven on the back of the school oval.  Even then, she displayed good skill and a fierce determination for the contest. An attribute of her game that has never wavered.

Many current TVFC members may be surprised to learn that Amanda was as a junior a GSL (Gippsland Soccer League) representative goalkeeper.  She was strong, quick and extremely courageous.  She also kept for her Trafalgar junior team and made literally hundreds of saves a season for a team that conceded many goals.

Move forward to the present and Amanda is a strong, spectacular and extremely reliable player.  She is a natural midfielder who reads the game superbly and has an amazing bag of tricks.  However, Amanda can play up front as she has a deadly shot on goal or can be equally effective as a defender when an opposing striker needs to be kept in check.

Many at the club, including the TVFC Senior Women’s Coach, Tony Wyatt, have readily stated that she is the best player in the league.  Whilst others, like Life Member Mark Judd, claim she alone is worth the gate fee at Trafalgar.

“Hinesy” as she is known by her team mates is a much loved, respected and valued member of the TVFC Senior Women’s team. She is an excellent role model and ambassador for her club. for  A more deserving and popular recipient of this award would be hard to find.

All at Trafalgar Victory FC send their congratulations to Amanda, a most worthy winner of the 2018 LVSL Player’s Player.


MiniRoos – Under 11s Report

U11 have really grown as a team. It is a great group of kids with many of them developing their skills in soccer to a higher level. The young team has a respect of the sport often volunteering to play for the opposition to ensure the teams are fair. I am so proud of how far the kids have grown as individuals and as a team. With only a few games left in the season I know this team will kick many more goals.

– Kara Kimberley (Under 11s Coach)






Match Report – Round 16 Seniors v East Gippsland UFC

With a close to full strength side for the first time in months, the Trafalgar boys took to the pitch determined to make amends for an ugly second half capitulation the previous week at Monash, but soon found themselves a goal behind following an ugly defensive error.

Given the difficult season to date the Trafalgar supporters could have been forgiven for thinking “oh no here we go again” following the goal but there was a resolve amongst this playing group, in this match, we haven’t seen much of yet this year. Traf were soon on the attack and East Gippsland were on the back foot for much of the next 15 or so minutes. Traf’s persistence finally paid off in the 22nd minute with a nicely taken shot from Christos Tigas following an incredible run and brilliant cross from the hard-working Matt Beasley.

Unfortunately the hard work was undone shortly after when an unmarked East Gippsland player standing at the top of the box, received a cleverly laid-back pass and managed to chip keeper Lachie Wyatt, who was caught out of position trying to avoid the puddles and mud in the goalmouth at the pavilion end.

And so halftime found the Trafalgar boys heading for the rooms down by a goal but still upbeat.

Talk in the change room at halftime was all about the previous week’s dismal second half showing and with an inspirational talk from Coach Mark Wood, about lion–hearts and standing strong and proud, those listening knew, unequivocally, there would be no repeat of that performance.

The second half began and Traf were soon on top, creating chances and unlucky not to score a couple. On 55 minutes a deflected corner lobbed across the East Gippsland 6-yard box and first to react was Traf’s defensive warhorse Connor Wyatt, who smacked his not inconsiderable forehead on the ball and drove an unstoppable header into the back of the net. Game on.

Six minutes later with Traf dominating still, they were awarded a free kick about 20 yards out and slightly right of goal. The two Matts (the dominant Beasley and the cheeky Steen) stood over the ball debating whether it would be the left or the right footer who would have a crack. Decision made, it was the left foot of Steen that hit the ball and with a favourable deflection, beat the keeper and put Trafalgar in front. It was going to be a nervous last 20 or so minutes.

East Gippsland hadn’t driven all the way to Trafalgar to go home without the points and they set about trying to get back on even terms. Against the run of play, the almost flawless Beasley had a chance to kill the game off but after an incredible run down the right flank, he brought the ball back across the pitch and from inside the box, lined up the far post with a cracking shot, that somehow conspired to stay out of the net.

Soon after, Traf’s eccentric striker Daryn Cummings devised for himself a new defensive midfield role while his strike partner – mad John Rooney – put himself about the park terrorising opposition players. Club president Dylan Wyatt came on to replace the exciting Ash Klemke who had created chaos for the East Gippsland midfield all game. Playing on one leg (he’s booked in for knee surgery in a week) Dylan was out to set the example of how to put your body on the line for the cause.

As the East Gippsland team pushed and pushed for that equaliser the Trafalgar defence – young guns Tim Cornwall (having replaced the renewed Jamie Green who had succumbed to a hamstring injury) and Alec Edmondson, along with warhorse Wyatt, and lead superbly by tribal elder Templar Hankinson – stood defiant and held strong.

At the death, a series of corners and close calls gave the visitors hope, but the day was best summed up by the magnificent Hankinson, who, as he miraculously cleared a goal-bound shot off the line and out for a corner yelled – at the ball, at the opposition, at the football gods, at the world in general or whoever was listening – “not today you don’t”.

Not today indeed. There would be no concession from this brave collective. And as keeper Wyatt made yet another save, collected the ball and having used up all of his available six seconds, pumped it 70 metres down the field, the referee blew time.

And history was made.



TVFC Under 12s Deliver at Home

U12 Team1

After the previous week’s road trip to Bairnsdale to play East Gippsland FC Gold, TVFC players and parents were delighted to be once again playing at home on Gippsland’s premier playing surface.  In complete contrast to last week’s match it was the opposition this time playing one short.

From the first whistle it was clear that the TVFC kids were switched on and looked a different team to the one who took to the pitch only seven days earlier.  The addition of Jackson, Rhys, Connor and Luke certainly added some size, skill and speed to the team list.

Trafalgar covered the pitch well and linked up nicely especially upon the left flank where Rhys and Haylee combined on many occasions to set up Flynn with attacking opportunities.  The first goal didn’t take long to arrive after Michael sent a nice pass through to Haylee.  Haylee kept her cool, avoided the Monash defenders and finished truly.

At the other end of the ground Nic and Jackson were controlling the centre of the defensive line and looked very string and compact.  On the odd occasion when the ball did penetrate the Trafalgar defensive line, keeper Luke had the goals covered and made some fantastic saves.  Even more impressive was the decision making of Luke who moved the ball really well out of the goals by both hand and feet.

However, Monash did find sufficient space to penetrate the Trafalgar back line and wrong foot goal keeper Luke to tie the match up at 1-1 with only five minutes left in the half.  Enter Campbell Young for his first taste of Junior GSL football.  Campbell, who had already played a full MiniRoos match, got a couple of nice possessions before making a lovely run up the left wing of the pitch.  He carried the ball into the box and confidently shot on goal only to be denied by the near upright. However, the result rebound was eagerly accepted by fellow striker Connor who happy put the ball into the back of the net. Ten seconds later it was half time with Trafalgar leading the visitors 2-1.

In the second half the team played extremely well to record a clean sheet.  The backline kept their head and absorbed considerable attacking pressure form the Monash team.  Rhys continued his excellent first half form and demonstrated just how versatile and important he is to this team.  Drew also worked hard and provided considerable drive along the right hand side of the ground.  Jacob once again delivered an outstanding performance.  This young player never fails to play a good game and thoroughly enjoys every second on the pitch.

It is also worth mentioning the performance of Ben who, with help from Michael, once again controlled the middle section of the pitch.  Both boys cover miles in a match and always challenge for the ball.  There is never an easy position at Trafalgar when Ben and Michael are on the ball.

Strikers Kate and Flynn worked hard and kept control of the ball in the front half of the pitch.  Both players love to run “up front” and both did a great job for their team.  Kate in particular will need a good bath to get over some of her bruising encounters from today’s match.  The final score line remained 2-1, as it was at half time.

All up a most impressive game from an improving and developing team.  Well done to the entire team.

Before signing off for the weekly report, I would ask that all TVFC members keep both the Ibbotson and O’Brien families in their thoughts and prayers as both have family members recovering from health concerns.

Award winners from last week were: Jaynie, Jacob, Drew and Nic.

Award winners from this week were: Flynn, Rhys, Ben and Connor.


Women Win In The Wet


Extreme weather and the possibility of a cancelled match greeted the Trafalgar ladies as they journeyed to Phillip Island for their round eight South Gippsland match.  After numerous phone calls and text messages it was eventually decided the match was to go ahead.  By the end of the days play, this was the only South Gippsland venue to complete any scheduled matches, with all others being cancelled due to heavy rain.

The match was evenly fought with both teams having to work really hard in the extremely heavy conditions.  The roll of the ball was a matter of luck with some passes skidding through, whilst others pulling up really short.

With only a matter of minutes remaining in the first half it was a Haylee Murphy who broke the deadlock with a strong strike from the top of the box.  The strike had sufficient power to skid through the Phillip Island keeper’s hands, thereby giving Trafalgar a handy 1 – 0 lead at half time.  In all honesty the Trafalgar girls had the majority of scoring opportunities in the first half of play and deserved to have at least one of the board by the major break.

In the second half it was Phillip Island who took the game up to Trafalgar.  The Island repeatedly threatened to score.  However, excellent defence from Kristy Hines and Caycee Tatterson made scoring extremely difficult for the home team.  Keeper Amanda Hines was called upon at times, but always had control of the situation and indeed the ball.

Emma Hudson played her best game for the season and made numerous clearing kicks in the last line of defence.  Tabbatha Mallia also played a great game in her first game for several months following and absence from the game.  Danelle and Shirley once again controlled the middle of the park and produced many forward passes to the various strikers on the day.

Jaiden, Amanda and Jo all looked dangerous up front and each had opportunities to score throughout the game.  In the end it was Jo who put the game beyond Phillip Island’s reach when she made what was a beautifully timed run to create a one on one with the opposition goal keeper.  Following Coach Warren’s recent instructions, Jo kept her cool, used the space to draw the goalie and pushed the ball into the side of the net.  A lovely finish  by the soon to be birthday girl.

By the games end the score line of 2-0 was a fitting result for a team that worked consistently throughout the match and effectively wore their opponents into the ground.  There wasn’t a week link across the park with every player doing their part to ensure the victory. Coach Warren would have been delighted by the performance of his chargers.  For the time being, the ladies currently sit atop the ladder.  However, all other teams have a match in hand following the cancellation of scheduled games.


Pavilion Nearing Completion

shed 1c

Trafalgar Victory FC is pleased to advise its players and members that the pavilion is on track to be completed by the end of June deadline.  As the deadline fast approaches the builders have been pushing along with the interior construction of the building.  To date the internal framing, electrical work, internal plumbing,  plastering and the vast majority of the insulation and cladding have all been completed.

Once the internal construction aspect of the project has been completed on Monday the 16th June, the painters are scheduled to enter the building on Tuesday the 17th June , followed by the kitchen cabinet makers.  The laying of the industrial designed flooring is then scheduled for completing on Tuesday the 24th June.

shed 1d

Currently the building committee are looking to finalise a large scale inclined entrance from the edge of the pitch fencing straight to the veranda of the pavilion.  This extended entrance would allow for easy access to both able and disabled soccer fans alike.

Trafalgar Victory FC would like to thank Johns Lyng Regional Builders for their professionalism and timely construction of the interior component of the pavilion.  All at the club eagerly await the completion of the project and its official opening, which will follow shortly.

shed 1b


Trafalgar Wins Under Lights

U12 Team1

The TVFC Under 12s enjoyed a rare evening of soccer under lights as the youngest junior team at Trafalgar played against Morwell Pegasus for their Round 9 encounter.  The team was very keen to have a win, having played top of the ladder Traralgon City in their previous match.

The match was rescheduled for Thursday the 12th June following a request made by the opposition. In hindsight the move was welcomed, especially given that the original game day of Saturday the 14th proved to be quite wet and cold.

The team looked to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to play mid-week under lights.  The fact that the vast majority of the club were also training meant that the kids were playing in front of easily their biggest supporter group to date.  It was lovely for the kids to have members of the senior and men and women come along and encourage them.  The support form the rest of the club was very welcomed.

It didn’t take long for the Trafalgar team to score against the relatively inexperienced and under aged Pegasus team.  It was Josh who started the scoring blitz and the striker, who himself is younger than most in the team, was causing havoc up front.  Along with Kate, who also played striker for the night, the two generated numerous shots on goals.

Trafalgar had winners all over the ground and the mid-field was well on top.  At times it looked as though Ben and Michael had that much time on the ball, they weren’t sure what to do.  Both played great games and set up the strikers with some lovely passing.  Flynn was a welcome addition to the team and added some speed and strength to the list.  Whilst Rhys and Jacob continued their fine vein of form and controlled the ball beautifully, regardless of the multitude of positions they were asked to play on the night.

By half time Trafalgar were well on top and had five goals in the book.  Connor scored what can be best described as a very “sneaky” goal after dribbling the ball into the box and shooting a look away goal.  Kate had many shots on goal and was only denied by some really good goal keeping by the Pegasus goalie.

In a problem not usually encountered, I find it difficult to recall exactly who kicked which goal and in what order.  Even at the end of the night the goals kicked in the score book didn’t add up to the tally quoted by the players.

One goal that does stand out was that scored by Tristan.  After numerous years of service in the back line for this team, Coach Mark eventually gave Tristan the nod to move up front.  Tristan did so, but was a little unsure exactly where to be and what to do.  To his credit he did exactly what his coach asked, that was “to kick a goal”.  The crowd erupted as Tristan casually slotted a nice goal across the body of the outreached keeper.  His hands reached to the sky as Trafalgar supporters as one cheered and celebrated this long awaited event.  Congratulations  to Tristan.

At the end of the night the score book read Trafalgar 9 – Morwell 0.  However, if you believe the kids, and not the score book, the team scored 10 goals (Josh 3, Jackson 3, Michael 2, Tristan 1 and Connor 1).More pleasing than the win was the manner in which the team played.  Everyone was provided a chance up front and the usual strikers were happy to give others a chance at glory for a week.  At the end of the game every Trafalgar player followed the captain of the day Kate in thanking the referee.

It is good to see that this team of players are as gracious in victory as they are positive in defeat.  This team plays the game in the correct manner and always in great spirit.  A great night out for the team who now enjoy a week’s rest with the bye, followed by consecutive matches at home and away against the two East Gippsland (Bairnsdale) teams.

This weeks’ awards went to Josh, Ben & Jackson


Victory Too Good For Knights

Chris small

Trafalgar Victory played the Leongatha Knights at Trafalgar for their Round 7 match.  Both the men’s and women’s teams were desperate to take the points having lost to Drouin in the previous round.  Once again the youth team did not play, due to the fact that Leongatha failed to enter a team this season.

The women’s match was an open and free flowing game, with Trafalgar dominating play.  Their opposition, who only had the minimum seven players on the ground, struggled but played with a great deal of determination.

The Trafalgar ladies had so much time on the ball and so many options at their disposal it was like a training drill at times.  One of the most pleasing aspects of the match was the passing in front of goal and selfless team play.  Some of the creativity shown by Jo and Jaiden was superb and their passing of the highest quality.

Coach Warren took advantage of the numerical advantage and tried a few positional changes throughout the match.  The forward line had a new look with both Shirley and Angie playing up front for a significant period of the match.  Both girls had shots on goal.  Shirley was denied only by the cross bar, whilst Angie celebrated with her team mates after scoring her maiden goal for the season.

The big talking point of the match was the “bizarre” decision made by the referee who failed to call a goal that crossed the line by over a meter.  Whether it was his failing sight or the fact he made the call form the centre circle, no one will ever know.  The fact that the Leongatha goalie was standing a meter behind the goal line with the ball in her hands still wasn’t enough evidence to convince the match official of the score.

All in all, it was a good win for the girls and some experimental opportunities for the coach.  Trafalgar 6 Leongatha 0.

In the men’s match there were even numbers with an 11 V 11 game.  But that’s where the balanced nature of the game stopped.  Trafalgar, who were missing numerous players due to injury, had control of general play from the first minute of the game to the last.

The midfield were well on top, with Dylan winning plenty of the ball and setting up the strikers with numerous opportunities.  Striker Brian was used in a defensive role this week and played a very serviceable game.  He proved to be most dependable in this role and provided quality supply to the midfield.  His only blemish for the day was a defensive header that made keeper Devin work hard to deny an own goal.

Sam also played a superb game generating a lot of run and drive along the right wing.  His vertical leap and explosive pace is a treat for spectators from both camps and a real asset to the team.  With only one of the bench Coach Greg had no alternative but to play and whilst he would not have been delighted with the way the team finished in front of goal, he would have thoroughly enjoyed being on the park with the lads.

One of the highlights of the day came when Aiden was brought into the game.  He made a long run after a heavily weighted pass which was collected by the Leongatha keeper.  When attempting to pull up, Aiden lost his balance and fell heavily on top of the keeper.  Despite the heavy clash the keeper got to his feet smiling and realised there was no malice in Aiden’s challenge. The referee however, wasn’t as forgiving as he reached for his cards and enjoyed the theatrics that was to follow.  The end result was that one of the club’s most passive members was in the book with a yellow card.

The Trafalgar team dominated play, yet were quite wasteful up front .  There were obvious chances to set team mates up in the box that were ignored and numerous off side mistakes that just shouldn’t happen at this level of football.  With some good decision making up front the Trafalgar boys could have scored a further 5 goals in the second half alone.   Assistant coach Mark put it well when he stated that “the boys just need to train together more”.  The final score was Trafalgar 2 Leongatha 0.

At the end of the day both the men’s and women’s teams each took the available three points.  Both teams are within striking distance of the league title and have the capacity to beat anyone on their day.  An entertaining day’s football was had by all.


TVFC Women Round 6 Match Report


Trafalgar Victory played Drouin Dragons at Drouin in their Round 6 South Gippsland Soccer League clash.  The match held particular significance, with both teams sitting first and second upon the league ladder.

The first half was literally owned by Trafalgar, with the girls in red and white dominating possession and playing the vast majority of the match in their attacking half of the pitch.  On the odd occasion when Drouin did make an attacking run the Hines sisters and Caitlin Mathews had the back line well in control.  Amanda Hines was particularly dominant on her defensive wing and appeared to have the ball on a string.

The middle of the park was being well controlled by the Victory.  Jo who was busy racking up possession after possession and offered great supply to her team mates.  Shirley played her ever reliable game which included her trade mark accurate short passing game. Whilst Jaiden played a blinder of a first half and simply carved her way through the Drouin midfield and defensive lines.

Up front Amanda Steen continued to make very threatening runs into the Drouin box.  There was some beautiful passing in the first half with Jaiden and Haylee generating much run and ball movement along the wings.  Both strikers looked dangerous and threaten to score on numerous occasions.  The best opportunity for the half came when Jaiden broke through the middle of the park, drew a Drouin opponent before releasing Amanda one on one with the Drouin keeper, only to be denied by what could be best described as a “questionable” club referee offside call.

Despite being in complete control of the game, the Trafalgar girls failed to find the back of the net.  At the end of the first half it was Trafalgar 0 Drouin 0.

For the first fifteen minutes of the second half the match followed the trend of the first half, with Trafalgar looking very comfortable with the match.  Then against the run of play Drouin made a strong counter attack with good numbers on the ball.  It took only a quick 20 meter kick out of the pack to bring the match to life.  Drouin had found the net and lead 1-0.

To Drouin’s credit they never gave up when challenged and they kept working hard.  The goal seemed to bring the Drouin girls to life and they certainly were “up and about”.  As a result the game lifted a notch and the contest rose to the next level.  The Trafalgar girls weren’t about to concede defeat and players like Brittany and Haylee worked exceptionally well, as did Jessica who tried her heart out for the entire game.

It was a nail biting match with both teams desperate for the next goal.  Trafalgar to keep the game alive and Drouin to seal the 3 points.  Spectators and players alike were feeling the pinch.  The steady and controlled playing style of the first half was replaced by frantic ball movement and desperate long passes.  Unfortunately for the Trafalgar faithful it was Drouin who again scored and secured top stop upon the ladder.

At the end of the game it was a 2-0 victory to Drouin.  The game was most entertaining and the Trafalgar ladies can only lament the missed opportunities of the first half. The girls gave their best, yet came up short on the day.   Whilst it is still early in the season and the race for league champions is wide open, one can’t help feel an opportunity was lost in this game.  The Trafalgar team and their loyal supporters look forward to next week’s match with the intention of claiming another three points.

Awards: Shirley Guthrie


TVFC Under 12s Round 8 Match Report


U12 Team1

Trafalgar Victory played Traralgon City in their Round 8 Central Gippsland Soccer League match.  The setting was superb with the match being played under sunshine upon Trafalgar’s magnificent pitches surrounded by a 360 degree scenic view.

The Traralgon team were fast, skilful and very well organised and it was clear for all to see why they are atop the GSL ladder.  Whilst the visiting team scored seven goals for the match, five of which in the first half, it was the improvement of the Trafalgar team that was the true story of the day (from a slightly biased opinion).

The Under 12 team has seven players new to the club this season.  Effectively half of the team have never played together prior to this year and indeed some are playing soccer for the first time.  With each passing match the team looks more balanced and players more confident in their team mate’s game style.

The backline, lead by today’s captain fantastic Nic, played a much more accountable and organised brand of football.  Nic lead by example and proved to be a real leader in the team.  As sweeper he directed his fellow back men and encouraged all to “step up” when it was time to do so.  He was ably supported by the likes of Jaynie, Tristan and Jackson.

Jaynie makes the game look so simple with accurate kicking, smart decision making and good positioning on the ground.  She continues to improve week after week and is becoming a most reliable member of the team.  Tristan was back this week after an extended period of injury.  His experience in the back half was welcomed and he made numerous clearing kicks throughout the day.  Jackson, whilst not a nominated backline player, played an excellent match in defence winning tackles and foiling numerous attacking runs.  Not only does he defend well, but he intelligently sets up plays to his awaiting midfield time after time.

In the midfield this week was the reliable firm of Ben, Michael, Haylea and Rhys.  All experienced and all dependable.  Ben never lets his team down and is one of the most reliable players at the club.  He reads the play two steps ahead and always gets to a challenge.  He never puts in a bad game and refuses to be beaten.  Michael is back to enjoying his football once again and is setting up forward moves with delightful passing.  His control on the ball is exceptional and his switch of play makes him a very dangerous player indeed.  Rhys and Haylea always give their best on the wings.  Both thrive upon taking an opponent on and playing into open space.  Both are good kicks of the ball on either feet and serve their team mates every week.  The dangerous duo were forced to work hard this week, but both played serviceable matches.

This season has also witnessed the discovery of an additional midfielder in Jacob.  Jacob is elusive, impossible to beat and a speedster along the wings.  He has the ability to operate in almost no space at all and is a pleasure to watch as he weaves his magic along the wing.  Another fine match Jacob

Up front the team is very well served by Josh who manages to score a couple of goals a week on average.  When not scoring goals himself, Josh is passing the ball to team mates to try and beat the opposition defence.  This week Jackson, Kate and Connor also played time in attack and each had their changes in front of the goals.  Jackson had the best opportunity of the day when he found himself one on one with the City keeper.  Unfortunately he pushed the ball wide, but the passing leading up to the shot was superb and Jackson’s timed run most impressive.

Luke played the entire game in goals.  Whilst the Traralgon forwards did find the net on several occasions, Luke made some amazing saves and has shown considerable development in only a matter of weeks when last he kept goals against Moe.  Luke is prepared to come off his line, to attack the ball and to take the ball off his opponent’s feet.  He is as skilful as he is courageous and played an outstanding match.  Drew, who was absent today, will have to train the house down to get the goalie gloved off Luke.

The second half demonstrated just how much the team has improved.  Against the best team in the competition the defensive team conceded only twice and had at least three good changes to score of their own.  A most impressive effort from an improving team that promises so much for the second half of the season.

This week’s awards went to; Tristan, Jacob and Nic