Trafalgar Victory FC invites your business to become a sponsor for the upcoming season. While we have a number of standard sponsorship packages, we are always happy to discuss alternatives and event contra arrangements. If you would like to offer sponsorship to TVFC, please email

The standard sponsorship packages are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, see the table below for details.

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Cost (total) $5000 $3000 $1500 $500
Duration (years) 3 3 3 1
Highway front signage (4.9 x 1.2m)
Elevated signage (4.9 x 1.2m)
Sideline signage (2.4 X 0.9m)
Sandwichboard signage (1.0 x 0.8m)
Company logo on men’s & women’s uniforms (100x100mm)
Company logo & link advertised upon our clubs website
Company logo and recognition within the local media
Free membership key ring
Free entry to all matches (x2)
Free entry to club events (x2)
Framed club photo
Certificate of appreciation