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After the previous week’s road trip to Bairnsdale to play East Gippsland FC Gold, TVFC players and parents were delighted to be once again playing at home on Gippsland’s premier playing surface.  In complete contrast to last week’s match it was the opposition this time playing one short.

From the first whistle it was clear that the TVFC kids were switched on and looked a different team to the one who took to the pitch only seven days earlier.  The addition of Jackson, Rhys, Connor and Luke certainly added some size, skill and speed to the team list.

Trafalgar covered the pitch well and linked up nicely especially upon the left flank where Rhys and Haylee combined on many occasions to set up Flynn with attacking opportunities.  The first goal didn’t take long to arrive after Michael sent a nice pass through to Haylee.  Haylee kept her cool, avoided the Monash defenders and finished truly.

At the other end of the ground Nic and Jackson were controlling the centre of the defensive line and looked very string and compact.  On the odd occasion when the ball did penetrate the Trafalgar defensive line, keeper Luke had the goals covered and made some fantastic saves.  Even more impressive was the decision making of Luke who moved the ball really well out of the goals by both hand and feet.

However, Monash did find sufficient space to penetrate the Trafalgar back line and wrong foot goal keeper Luke to tie the match up at 1-1 with only five minutes left in the half.  Enter Campbell Young for his first taste of Junior GSL football.  Campbell, who had already played a full MiniRoos match, got a couple of nice possessions before making a lovely run up the left wing of the pitch.  He carried the ball into the box and confidently shot on goal only to be denied by the near upright. However, the result rebound was eagerly accepted by fellow striker Connor who happy put the ball into the back of the net. Ten seconds later it was half time with Trafalgar leading the visitors 2-1.

In the second half the team played extremely well to record a clean sheet.  The backline kept their head and absorbed considerable attacking pressure form the Monash team.  Rhys continued his excellent first half form and demonstrated just how versatile and important he is to this team.  Drew also worked hard and provided considerable drive along the right hand side of the ground.  Jacob once again delivered an outstanding performance.  This young player never fails to play a good game and thoroughly enjoys every second on the pitch.

It is also worth mentioning the performance of Ben who, with help from Michael, once again controlled the middle section of the pitch.  Both boys cover miles in a match and always challenge for the ball.  There is never an easy position at Trafalgar when Ben and Michael are on the ball.

Strikers Kate and Flynn worked hard and kept control of the ball in the front half of the pitch.  Both players love to run “up front” and both did a great job for their team.  Kate in particular will need a good bath to get over some of her bruising encounters from today’s match.  The final score line remained 2-1, as it was at half time.

All up a most impressive game from an improving and developing team.  Well done to the entire team.

Before signing off for the weekly report, I would ask that all TVFC members keep both the Ibbotson and O’Brien families in their thoughts and prayers as both have family members recovering from health concerns.

Award winners from last week were: Jaynie, Jacob, Drew and Nic.

Award winners from this week were: Flynn, Rhys, Ben and Connor.

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