The Trafalgar Victory FC building committee wishes to advise TVFC members that the amenities building project is on schedule to be completed prior to the commencement of the 2014 season.  In recent developments, club executives and BBSC officials have signed off on a funding deed.  Effectively this means that the shire has passed the management of the building project to the club.

The club has a building permit from Watershed Building Consultants and also a building contract with Johns Lyng Regional Builders, which is ready to be signed once funding is transferred to the club in the next few weeks.  Engineering designs have been supplied by Warragul Garages and Sheds and the final project drawings are being constructed at the moment.

Once funding has been transferred an order shall be placed for the purchase of the shed and construction is scheduled to commence in the second half of January. All upon the building committee are delighted that the project is progressing and finally we have reached a point at which building will commence.

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