2016 AGM Reminder

Urgent: New Committee Members Needed!

TVFC’s Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 9th November, 2016. The meeting will be held at Café Obsession 71 Princes Hwy, Trafalgar and begin at 7:00pm.

The following committee positions are up for nomination:

  • President
  • Vice President (End of Term)
  • Secretary (End of Term)
  • General member (x3)

At this point in time, we have no nominees for these vital committee positions. Without an executive committee, we cannot continue as a club!


2016 TVFC Senior Presentation Night

The Trafalgar Victory senior teams celebrated the end of the 2016 season with its annual presentation night. Once again, the occasion with held on the 22nd of October at the Black Tie in Warragul. A special thanks must be extended to Emma Hudson and Lachie Wyatt for organising the event.

Throughout the night, a number of awards where announced, those being:

  • Reserve Men’s Best and Fairest
  • Senior Women’s Best and Fairest
  • Senior Men’s Best and Fairest
  • Senior Women’s Coaches Award
  • Reserve Men’s Coaches Award
  • Senior Men’s Coaches Award
  • Senior Women Player’s Player
  • Senior Men Player’s Player
  • Club person of the year
2016-Presentation Mens Squad

Men’s Squad – Honouring Wayne Jones

The night also honoured former TVFC President Wayne Jones, who passed away earlier this year. Instrumental in setting the foundations of the club, Wayne volunteered as a committee member and junior coach. Wayne was always keen to watch his boys playing for TVFC, he was a great presence and social member. To honour Wayne, TVFC have dedicated the club’s bar as ‘Wayne’s Bar’, with Grant Fowler providing a sign that will hang over the bar in perpetuity.

Templar (Club Secretary), Dylan (Club President) present gifts to Eamon O'Hare and Tony Wyatt

Templar (Club Secretary), Dylan (Club President) present gifts to Eamon O’Hare and Tony Wyatt

TVFC’s senior coaches, Eamon O’Hare (Men’s Coach) and Tony Wyatt (Women’s Coach) were also thanked and presented with a gift from both the playing group and club.

2016 Presentation Night Women's Squad

2016 Presentation Night Women’s Squad

All in all, a successful and entertaining night.

Reserve Men’s Best and Fairest

Winner: Michael Byrne
Runner-Up: Monty Coots

2016 Reserves Best and Fairest runner-up Monty (left) and winner Mick Byrne.

2016 Reserves Best and Fairest runner-up Monty (left) and winner Mick Byrne.

Despite playing a new position in the middle of defence, Mick Byrne had a solid season providing stability and leadership to a youthful reserves team.

Senior Women’s Best and Fairest

Winner: Bridget Wallace
Runner-Up: Amanda Hines

Women's Best and Fairest - Bridget Wallace

Women’s Best and Fairest – Bridget Wallace

In a tight race for Senior Women’s Best and Fairest, Bridget Wallace narrowly defeated Amanda Hines by 2 votes. Amazingly, the two girls polled 74 votes of a possible 132. Coach Tony Wyatt praised Bridget for her on-field commitment and work rate, as well as her ability to lead the team.

Senior Men’s Best and Fairest

Winner: Connor Wyatt
Runner-up: Cohan Bayles

2016 Senior Mens Best and Fairest runner up Cohen Bayles (left) and winner Conner Wyatt.

2016 Senior Mens Best and Fairest runner up Cohen Bayles (left) and winner Conner Wyatt.

In another tight race, the senior men’s Best and Fairest was decided by 2 votes, with Cohen leading the count right up until the last round. Unfortunately for Cohen, in the last game of the season Connor was awarded 3 votes and secured the award. Connor who’d previously won the award in 2014, has proven to be a highly effective defender at the senior level – and without doubt given more than a few nightmare’s to the strikers around the league.

Women’s Coaches Award

Winner: Tanya Wallace
After a move to the centre of midfield, Tanya’s possession, ball distribution and improved confidence impressed Coach Tony Wyatt so much that during the presentation of the award he lamented not making the move sooner. Tanya was also praised for her effort and ball winning abilities.

Reserve Men’s Coaches Award

Winner: Monty Coots

Eamon O'Hare presents Monty Cootes (left) with the Reserves Coach's Award

Eamon O’Hare presents Monty Cootes (left) with the Reserves Coach’s Award

Monty earned the Reserve Men’s Coaches Award for his dedication for training, hard work on game day and supplementing the senior list when required. Many times this year Monty backed up a 90 minute run in reserves with significant minutes in the senior team.

Senior Men’s Coaches Award

Winner: Cohan Bayles

Eamon O'Hare presents Cohen Bayles (left) with the Senior Mens Coach's Award

Eamon O’Hare presents Cohen Bayles (left) with the Senior Mens Coach’s Award

Coach Eamon O’Hare commended winner Cohan for his improved play throughout the season. Cohan displayed a tireless motor this year, playing all 1,980 minutes of the 2016 season (and some in Reserves too!).

Senior Women Player’s Player

Winner: Bridget Wallace

Showing that her Best and Fairest award was well deserved, Bridget was the clear choice of her teammates as Player’s player.

Men Player’s Player

Winner: Sam Jones

2016 Mens - Player's Player Award winner Sam Jones (right)

2016 Mens – Player’s Player Award winner Sam Jones (right)

There was no player more worthy to win this award than Sam Jones. Sam was the first TVFC player to move through the club’s junior program into the Senior level. In many ways Sam is the heart and soul of the Traf Men’s team. Despite a difficult year with the loss of his father, Sam was consistently a positive and uniting force, willing to do the blue collar work that’s required to make a team successful.

Club person of the year

The were two incredibly worthy nominees for the 2016 Club Person of the Year award, those being Kara Kimberley and Dylan Wyatt. In 2016, both nominees undertook committee membership, junior coaching responsibilities and co-ordination/delegate roles. As if this wasn’t enough, both nominees spent countless hours improving the clubrooms, running the canteen and organising other volunteers.

TVFC is grateful to have such outstanding members within the club, and in some ways it is unfortunate that only one is singled out for this award.

The winner of this year’s Club Person of the Year was Dylan Wyatt. In 2016 Dylan was President of the club, coached the Under 16s, was the senior LVSL delegate and the lead in procuring our new Club Merchandise. Though unable to play this year due to injury, Dylan is also a key member of the Senior team – and has played the role of unofficial life coach to many of his peers.

2016 Presentation Night. Mark Judd (left) presents Club Person of the Year to Dylan Wyatt.

2016 Presentation Night. Mark Judd (left) presents Club Person of the Year to Dylan Wyatt.

Congratulations Dylan on a well deserved award.

TVFC Annual General Meeting 2016

TVFC’s Annual General Meeting is to be held Wed 9th Nov, 2016.

The meeting will be held at Café Obsession 71 Princes Hwy, Trafalgar and begin at 7:00pm.

If you have any concerns or would like to voice an opinion about how the club is run, this is the best forum to do so! TVFC strives to be an inclusive club and values participation from mini-roo, junior and senior members.

The following committee positions are up for nomination:

  • – President
  • – Vice President (End of Term)
  • – Secretary (End of Term)
  • – General member (x3)

So please step up and volunteer/nominate for these roles! If you would like to discuss joining the committee, please call Dylan Wyatt on 0400 505 320 or Templar Hankinson on 0488 103 085.


Under 11 MiniRoos

A great start to the year with all MiniRoos teams having a go this season. We have a lot of new players to the club this year in all MiniRoo age groups and under 11’s are bursting at the seams with new players still joining. The talent in the young kids is amazing. It is great to see the teams bonding and playing well together. Even though we do not officially score we all know the kids keep score, and yes all MiniRoos teams have been doing exceptionally well.

Parents are always on the side lines cheering the teams on which is great to see. Keep up the good work.





TVFC Preseason Training 2015

Trafalgar Victory FC Seniors preseason is set to officially commence on Tuesday the 13th of January at 6:30 pm at the Trafalgar Recreation Precinct (Waterloo Rd, Trafalgar). Training sessions will be held Tuesdays and Thursday nights.

With the move of the senior teams back to Gippsland’s Central League in 2015, this preseason is especially important for TVFC’s continued on-field success.

TVFC looking to continue its on field success in 2015

While players intending to play Men’s Seniors or Reserves are expecting at these sessions, players eligible for Under 18 teams, Men’s 2nd Division and Women’s senior team are also encouraged to begin their preseason.

TVFC are looking for players to participate at all levels and new members are always welcome. If you are looking for a new club and would like more information about playing with Trafalgar Victory please email


Tree Down In Storm

tree down

A large tree near the TVFC entrance has been uprooted during Thursday afternoon’s wild weather.   The tree was blown over and fell squarely upon the entrance fence and gate, causing considerable damage to the grounds entrance.  The club notified Baw Baw Shire Council and to their credit the shire had the tree cut up and removed before the close of business on Friday.

Without knowing exactly what time the tree fell, it would appear that it was a wise move to have cancelled training for the club as a result of the wild weather.  Had players been entering the grounds at the time the tree fell it would have caused some serious damage to been life threatening.  As it stands the club now has a damaged fence and gate, all of which can be repaired or replaced.


TVFC/BBSC Meeting Feedback


Members of the TVFC committee met with Kerry Irwin and Gabrielle McBain from Baw Baw Shire on Wednesday the 30th August, at the shire’s offices in Warragul, to discuss a range of issues associated with the usage of the Trafalgar Soccer grounds.

The meeting was beneficial to both parties with the majority of conversation centred upon the process used by BBSC in evaluating applications from sporting clubs to use shire owned and managed sporting facilities.

From a club’s perspective it was important to clarify the process used by BBSC.  In this particular case, the TFNC applied to BBSC for an alternative sporting venue to train upon.  The BBSC Recreation team then sought feedback from the Trafalgar Parks and Gardens team regarding the capacity of the soccer grounds to cope with the requested additional usage.  Following the advice provided by this team, the BBSC Recreation department then either approves or declines the application.  In this case the application was approved.

It must be said that there appeared to be some contradicting accounts of the Trafalgar Parks and Gardens team recommendation, with both parties reporting conflicting conversations.

TVFC took the opportunity to outline its major concerns regarding the handling of the situation.  Issues such as;

  • timely and clear communication
  • the capacity of the grounds to cope with additional usage during the soccer season
  • the fact that the couch grass has been stunted/dead over the past 2 summers
  • consultation with TVFC as a paying tenant and significant financial stake holder
  • scheduling “external usage” on the same nights as TVFC’s training
  • TVFC’s intention to host a GSL South Div. final/grand final

BBSC also took the opportunity to raise concerns of its own. For example, the response from TVFC within the local media.

By the end of the meeting BBSC’s process was reviewed and recommendations made for improvements. Concerns were respectfully raised and received by both parties and an understanding reached that TVFC do not want additional ground use during its scheduled training nights.

Whilst the events of the past week have been extremely taxing for all involved, it is hoped that all parties can learn from the experience, so that such a scenario can be handled better in the future.


TVFC to meet BBSC Reserve Team

Dear TVFC Members,

Trafalgar Victory FC will be holding a meeting next week with representatives from the Baw Baw Shire Council Recreation team members to discuss their recent decision to allow the Trafalgar Football and Netball Club’s senior squad to train on the soccer grounds on the same night as TVFC holds training.

Please be assured that the club is extremely frustrated with a number of issues relating to this decision and how this process has been managed.

As a club we acknowledge that the grounds are owned and managed by Baw Baw Shire and are aware of the “3 year” model in place that plans for wider community access.  However, before opening the grounds up to additional users in the middle of our soccer season, Trafalgar Victory asked BBSC to consider the following points:

  •  As the primary user of the soccer grounds, Trafalgar Victory FC has invested in excess of $90K towards this facility in the form of fencing, player shelters, pavilion and practice goals.  We are not merely a tenant, we are a significant stakeholder and investor in this facility. As such we appreciate both consultation and consideration.
  •  The mentioned “3 year model” is based upon the advice provided by the Turf consultant who oversaw the planting of both the rye grass and couch.  The 3 year duration was chosen on the understanding that it would take at least three summers of couch growth to allow the drought resistant couch grass to overtake the make shift rye grass as the main variety of ground cover.

Summer 2012-13

Bad ground small

Summer 2013-14

Bad ground 2

As can be seen from the above pictures, the grounds have not yet had three summers over which the couch grass could grow.  The past two summers have resulted in the couch grass nearly dying with no significant growth witnessed at all.  Currently, the rye is still the prominent grass variety present.  For this reason alone the grounds require restricted use, rather than expanded use.


  • TVFC in the last week alone have received requests;

Churchill Soccer Club – to relocate all matches for the round to Trafalgar

Korumburra Soccer Club – to relocate all matches for the round to Trafalgar

Gippsland Soccer League – to relocate their Under 13 & 15 boys metropolitan matches to Trafalgar

Football Federation Victoria – Zone Development Office to run Gippsland tryouts at Trafalgar for the Melbourne City Youth Squad

 Every week our club is approached to hold relocated matches as most Gippsland grounds are currently flooded.  If we accepted these matches our ground too would be destroyed and chopped up like every other ground in Gippsland.  Saying “no” to your league and state body is difficult.  However, whilst the grounds are in their infancy, both our club and Baw Baw Shire must show strong leadership for the long term good of the facility.

  •  TVFC postponed training over the recent holidays so that the grounds could drain and recover.  The club doesn’t simply say no to others.  Rather our committee makes informed and considered management decisions that will benefit the grounds long term.
  •  TVFC has a very realistic chance of hosting the South Gippsland Soccer League final in 2014.  Such an event will only be possible if our grounds are maintained and managed well throughout the season.  This opportunity would provide excellent promotion for both the club and shire.  Overloading the ground use at this time of the season will simply damage both the grounds and the opportunity of hosting such an event.
  •  Currently TVFC has training for approximately 130 players across two nights.  This as it stands is too much wear on the ground already.  Adding additional usage is not a viable option.
  •  Right now the grounds are beginning to “chop up”.  The western sideline of the western side pitch looks just like the Trafalgar footy ground.  Additional usage is not a responsible management plan at this stage in the year.  Is the goal for both facilities to be unplayable?
  • BBSC’s very own Trafalgar Parks and Garden’s team have acknowledged that damage will occur to the grounds if the training goes ahead.  Why wouldn’t the BBSC Recreation team take on board the advice of their own Parks and Garden team? As you very well know, we are talking about a $1Million playing surface unrivalled across Victoria.  Are BBSC prepared to repair the damaged pitches?  What would turf replacement cost the shire?  Can such repairs be successfully carried out prior to the final series?
  •  It is inappropriate to schedule footy training on the same night as the soccer training.  Thereby placing 120 players upon the two pitches.  As a result our women’s team have been “kicked” off their training ground.  Not exactly promoting women’s participation in sport.  TVFC has managed the grounds via training rotation so that areas aren’t worn out.  Both pitches will suffer as a result of this impending decision.
  •  The proposed training pitch allocated for the footy players has only half lighting.  Given their sport involves flighted balls there will be a risk associated whilst training under inadequate lighting.  TVFC is not prepared to be held responsible if an injury is sustained.
  •  In the Seasonal Lease Agreement which is current from 1st April 2012 – 31st December 2014 it states the permitted use as “For the purpose of conducting soccer training, matches and associated club activities”.  This 3 year period is still current and therefore adding football training on the pitches at this time of the year would be non-compliant and in breach of the agreement.
  • The Seasonal Lease Agreement also states that: 10.2 “The Council must use all reasonable endeavours to cause as little disruption as possible to the Permitted Use of the Lincensed Area in exercising the Council’s rights under this clause” The management of this situation has indeed created considerable disruption and has got to the point whereby the club is considering cancelling all training tomorrow night as a result.
  •  When TVFC had no access to its grounds over recent seasons, we found alternatives such as swimming, gym, street runs.  We used public parks, the old soccer grounds on the Trafalgar High School and even one season trained in Warragul for 3 months straight as our grounds were flooded.  There are always alternatives available, as we know only too well.
  •  Our financial members also deserve to have full access to their grounds during the entire season, rather than have to compromise their training schedule at the expense of another club.

These are just a selection of discussion points raised with the Baw Baw Shire Council Recreation team.  Unfortunately they and many others fell on deaf ears and the TFNC senior squad indeed did train on the grounds for 2 hours on Thursday 24th July.  In response TVFC cancelled all training to minimise damage to the grounds.

Hopefully common sense and reason will prevail at next week’s meeting.  If you would like to express your concerns or frustration with Baw Baw Shire’s management of the situation, please do so by contacting our local ward councillors Cr Murray Cook  and Cr Peter Kostos via email at and respectively.


Baw Baw Shire Council Jeopardise Trafalgar Soccer Grounds

Top Grounds

Baw Baw Shire Council’s decision to allow the Trafalgar Football & Netball Club’s entire senior football list to train on Trafalgar Victory FC’s home ground may well have jeopardised one of the best playing surfaces in Gippsland and regional Victoria.

BBSC advised TVFC that the TFNC needed to rest their oval so that they could potentially host a Mid Gippsland Football League finals match.  The irony of the situation is that TVFC themselves have applied to host this seasons Gippsland Soccer Leagues South Division grand final.

TVFC have in the past week alone rejected applications from two other GSL clubs, two Gippsland representative teams and Football Federation Victoria Zone Coordinator to use the grounds.  The club also resisted temptations to train over the recent school holidays.  All such measures have been made in an attempt to maintain the excellent playing surface, both short and long term.

Despite investing in excess of $90,000.00 of its own funds towards the development of the BBSC facility, and paying a tenancy fee for the soccer season, the club was not even consulted by the council or by The Trafalgar Football and Netball Club regarding the training arrangement.  Neither did the club receive any notification from the Trafalgar Recreation Precinct Committee of Management, upon which TVFC has representation.

To make matters worse the TFNC were granted training access on the same night and time as known TVFC scheduled training.  In effect the TVFC Women’s   team were forced from their training pitch to accommodate the Trafalgar senior football squad.  The additional 60 players on the grounds would most certainly have impacted upon the playing surface according to the shire’s very own Parks and Gardens team who maintain the grounds.  Accordingly, TVFC cancelled all training in an attempt to minimise the damage caused by the additional stress upon the grounds.

One only has to look at the state of several Gippsland sports fields to appreciate that Trafalgar has an exceptional playing surface.  It is extremely frustrating that the lack of management from Baw Baw Shire Council and the arrogance of the Trafalgar Football & Netball Club has seriously jeopardised both the future of this facility as well as trust within the ranks of TVFC.  Trafalgar Victory believes this is an asset worth fighting for.

Trafalgar Victory FC would like to thank the massive amount of support received from members of the local soccer clubs and the wider Gippsland community.


Rudy & Tim Represent Gippsland

rudy small

Trafalgar Victory FC Under 16 players, Rudy Garcia and Tim Cornwall, are the latest players to represent Gippsland at last month’s Victorian Country Championships played in Ballarat.  The boys follow in the footsteps of recent club representatives; Haylee Murphy, Haylea Porter, Matthew Steen, Jacob Vitale and Natalie McDowall.

Rudy, who plays as a striker in both the Under 16s and Youth teams, made selection for the first time.  Whilst Tim, a seasoned campaigner and experienced defender, gained selection for the fifth consecutive tournament.  Under 16 squad coach Jason Reddiex would have been impressed by Rudy’s strength on the ball and his “never say die attitude”.  Whilst Tim’s experience and all round class would make him a must for any GSL representative squad.

Both Rudy and Tim are TVFC success stories and role models for other juniors at the club.  Their determination, work effort and perseverance to play representative football should be an inspiration for many other juniors at the club.  The club acknowledges and congratulates the achievements of both players.