TVFC 2019 Club Person of the Year Nomination: Tanya Makins

Nomination description:

Tanya has performed an amazing job as the Miniroo’s co-ordinator for the second year in a row. She has put in in countless hours of her own time organising everything from junior teams, sourcing coaches and acting as a coach herself, school clinics and recruitment, arranging our highly successful hub days and club training nights, fundraising raffles and assisting with the clubs sponsorship program, financial grants and Christmas tree sales. Tanya has also lead plannign for player retention and recruitment. This is on top of her already substantial contribution to the club as a women’s player and committee member.

 Tanya’s efforts have allowed the Miniroo’s to function smoothly throughout the entire season and have allowed a huge number of families and their children to enjoy soccer throughout this period with good communications, well co-ordinated training and game days, even assisting families with transport to/from our more distant hub days.

Thanks Tanya, Your efforts are appreciated by all mini’s parents.

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NB: Voting closes 12 midnight on Wednesday the 2nd of October.

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