TVFC 2019 Club Person of the Year Nomination: Mark Judd

Nomination description:

Mark has made many contributions towards the club. My list below is a sample of what he does:

  1. Vice President – this role entails Mark to be available to deal with club matters as they arise.
  2. Registrar – this role is vital to the club being able to have players. Mark needs to administer the online registration system, review the registrations as they come in, co-ordinate with others if there are any issues and provide coaches with documentation confirming player registrations
  3. Website/Facebook/Media – Mark maintains the TVFC website and Facebook page. He spends hours on this updating information, uploading photos, reports and important information. Mark writes in the Traf News, Warragul Gazette & Latrobe Valley Express
  4. Building Infrastructure – Mark has attended many, many meetings with relevant parties (local/state/federal politicians) to promote the needs of the club in terms of building infrastructure, signage and change rooms.
  5. Sponsorship – Mark has personally arranged many sponsors for the club this year

There are so many other things that Mark does such as helping out in the canteen, as a referee, marking grounds, coordinates the Christmas tree fundraiser, coordinating events and many other things in the background that provide for the smooth running of the club.

Mark does all of this as a volunteer (unpaid). He does this work as he cares about the club and the people associated with it. I have done my best to capture the work that Mark does for the club but what I have written is probably just a snapshot of all of the vast amount of time he devotes to the club. I believe Mark would be a worthy recipient of this award.

If you would like to vote for Mark, please do so via the below voting link:

Voting Link

NB: Voting closes 12 midnight on Wednesday the 2nd of October.

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