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Trafalgar Victory has received a conditional certificate of occupancy from Watershed Building Consultants.  The club was required to install fire extinguishers and a concrete pad at the end of the disabled ramp in order for the building to meet all legal requirements.

In response, two fire extinguishers were today installed by the Trafalgar CFA, one in the main general purpose room and one in the first aid room.  On Monday morning concrete will be delivered to complete the final building requirement.

The finished product is excellent and the crew from Johns Lyng Regional Builders have indeed gone the extra mile to ensure a quality finish.  Numerous plasterers, painters, builders, plumbers and electricians have worked weekends to ensure this project was delivered in a timely manner.

With only a handful of small finishing touches to be added next week, the project is now as good as finished.  Victorian government officials will be visiting the site over the next week to provide their tick of approval.  Once this funding body is satisfied, all that is left to do is to enjoy the official opening and move into our new pavilion.

The club is extremely grateful for the support, professionalism and dedication displayed by the numerous tradesmen who have contributed towards this project.  Many of whom had to work in extremely challenging conditions and appalling weather.  We look forward to raising a glass with the tradesmen at the pavilions official opening.

TVFC is also extremely grateful to our club secretary, Ms Shirley Guthrie, who has also undertaken the demanding role of project manager.  Her numerous hours, days, weeks and months of “behind the scenes” work has seen by few, but will be for many years enjoyed by all.  The club is indeed indebted to Shirley for her commitment and dedication towards this project.  TVFC thanks Shirley sincerely for her more than generous contribution.

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