As coach of the TVFC Womens South Gippsland Title winning team I would like to say thanks to everybody who has supported us. There have been so many people who have contributed to our success this season and this includes;

Mark Judd, President of TVFC, who drove the setup of the initial womens team, continues to come to watch one of his favourite teams play and has given me this opportunity with total support.

Jenny Moss as secretary and canteen food buyer and does anything else for the club.

Peta Mathews as treasurer, canteen lady, trophy organiser and transporter of Caity.

Matthew, Lars, Brendan, Mick, Brooker, Greg, Stephen, Ethan and Mitch who ran the lines for us during the season. We can’t play without your assistance.

Mat, Lindsay, Juddy, Angelo, Mick, Nicole and Brendan for awarding the Best and Fairest votes, you have chosen a worthy winner.

Shirley, who I chose to take over the captain’s role, you have been an awesome team leader and support for me and constantly fulfil your role on the ground.

Cody, Jaiden, Caycee and Caity, who I have coached through some of your junior years, and have all developed into wonderful players.

Emily, Brittany and Fiona, who I have coached for the past two years, your development as players has been sensational.

Danelle and Jo, who transferred into our club this season, your knowledge and leadership both on and off the ground has been first class.

Grainne and Carin, our backpacking tourists, you are both so easy to coach and have fitted in superbly.

Tamara, who had the shortest season with us with the best reason to stop playing, we all wish you, Mitch and your baby the best and will welcome you back next season.

Vanessa, Amanda and Matthew thank you. I have had the joy of being able to coach all of my kids over ten years and although it can be extremely difficult to get the balance right sometimes, I think we have succeeded.

To the families of our team, thank you for supporting us. It is a huge time commitment to be part of a team with training twice a week and the extra travel we have done this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Woody, Mick and the Senior Mens team we appreciate the way you demonstrated your support for us on Sunday.

I hope I have not missed anybody, if I have please accept my apologies.

This group has been the best I have ever worked with. The support for each other has been amazing and when things have not gone our way we have made it work. We have had decisive wins on the scoreboard but each week we have worked so hard to achieve our results. Not one game has been easy and that has helped us to grind out wins when we needed to. 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 loses is the perfect season in my view. To concede only 7 goals in 14 games is a phenomenal achievement.

Next week we take on Korumburra in a semi-final and win or lose I know the whole team will have given it our best effort. I am so proud of everything we have achieved this season. Thank you everyone. 

Warren Steen – Senior Women’s Coach

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