Numbers were looking pretty low for the start of the game with TVFC starting with what looked like 5 players, some late shuffling between the two under eight teams meant we kicked off with six. The start of the game was a even contest, even though TVFC were short one player, JJ was keeping goals and easily dealt with any shots from Traralgon. Arlo and Ivy were in defence and doing lots of tackling and running, Aiden and Olivia were in the middle working hard, Zander started up front and was getting plenty of the ball as well as plenty talking.

John was a late arrival but got stuck in straight away, with numbers even TVFC were starting to get on top and were unlucky not to score any goals, they had no trouble getting the ball in attacking areas but had difficulty in finishing. Traralgon were reduced to attacking on the break and scored two late half goals ti finish the half strongly, it could have been more but for JJ having a few great saves as TVFC lost concentration for the last five minutes to the half.

Some oranges and a half time team talk got everyone focused and again we had a bright start to the half, John was in goals and JJ played a midfield role and was straight into the action, Arlo was involved with lots of the play and was unlucky not to score with a good run from midfield but again our finishing was not sharp. It was end to end stuff with both teams pushing for goals, Traralgon moved one of their smaller players up front and it paid results immediately, he scored three quick goals from quite a distance out with some great shooting, John did some fantastic work in goals but there was nothing he could do about some great goals. By far the best shooting I have seen in a under eights game. TVFC did not win the game and conceded a few goals but their effort and energy was fantastic, a little more practice at shooting and a few goals for their confidence will help them be more competitive on the score sheet.

Well played to John picking up the Wyncity award and Olivia the BKs award for best effort for the day.

Report by Peter Court

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