It was a very young and relatively inexperienced Trafalgar reserves team who took on Newborough-Yallourn in the second round match of the 2018 Latrobe Valley Soccer League season.

On paper it looked very much like a. “how far Newborough-Yallourn?”. However, this game wasn’t played by the script.  The TVFC team comprised of mostly Under 18 aged players, had all played juniors at Trafalgar at some point in their short soccer career with the exception of Templar Hankinson and Brian Farmer (the token oldies – relatively speaking).

It only took a matter of minutes before TVFC veteran, Templar Hankinson found himself with a free kick literally in the centre of the pitch. He went back looking for a passing option when keeper Lachy Wyatt encouraged him to take a shot.  Templar didn’t need much more encouragement and struck his shot perfectly.  From the moment it left the boot you could see fear on the face of the Newborough-Yallourn keeper.  It was a perfectly lofted shot that chipped the keeper and gave him not chance of a save.  Goal Trafalgar.  The score 1-0 in Trafalgar’s favour.

With the smile still on Templars face the Trafalgar midfielders set up Logan Winter on a fast break down the right hand side of the pitch.  Logan nearer the top of the box and the Trafalgar spectators were intrigued as to what the young striker would do next.  Against his natural instincts, Logan curled a perfectly weighted pass onto the foot of new recruit Brian Farmer, who only needed the one invitation to score.  The score 2-0 in Trafalgar’s favour.  Those present were thoroughly entertained by Brian’s skill but quickly reminded of his downright quirkiness as he saluted the entire bench in celebration of his goal.

The young team were definitely up and about and ready for the challenge.  Josh Porter played with strength and determination well beyond his years as did the every courageous Stuart Beckley.  All aspects of Coach Eamon O’Hare’s pre-season were on display for all to see and the crowd loved it.

Just when it looked like the match was settling down into an arm wrestle the Trafalgar team scored a third and final time for the half when Logan Winter was brought down in the box.  The penalty was reward for strong work on the ball and it was fitting that it was Logan who converted the goal to make the half time score 3-0 Trafalgar’s way.

The lads came out of the half time break with an obvious plan.  They structured is such a ways as to guard certain zones on the pitch and to concede others.  Despite conceding a goal in the second half, the team player superbly to bring home the three points with a well-constructed 3-1 victory.

It must be mentioned of the courageous game of keeper and club president, Lachy Wyatt.  Last season Lachy played as keeper for both the reserves and senior team.  This is a demanding role to play and during this match he suffered a serious leg injury which required him to leave the field of play and rendered him unavailable for the senior match.  Whilst keepers are inactive for large parts of a match they must always be switched on and ready to put their own safety on the line for the team.

All summed up, it was a great victory for a young, but determined, team.  It was a great transition for the numerous Under 16 boys and an excellent game for some past players who have this season returned to the fold. All at the club wish the boys the very best for the remainder of the season.

Goals: Templar Hankinson, Brian Farmer & Logan Winter

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