Representatives form the TVFC Committee and the TVFC Senior Women’s Team met with local MP Gary Blackwood and the Shadow Sports Minister Danny O’Brien to discuss the urgent needs for a change room facility at the Trafalgar Soccer Grounds.

Whilst taking both MP’s around the current facilities it became obvious just how appallingly bad and inadequate the current atco huts are for the 250+ players who utilise this facility Monday to Sunday for training and game day.

Both MP’s gained a historic timeline of the club’s past, present and future.  They also have a clear picture of the 7 day a week usage of the grounds by the two tenants.  The TVFC Senior Women’s representatives provided an account of how they currently get changed in cars as there is no suitable facilities available at the club.

Discussions then turned to the numerous funding programs available via Sport & Recreation Victoria as well as the Latrobe Valley Authority’s Community Facility Fund.  The club explained to the MP’s that they were well informed of the various funding options available.  However, each of which required the support and a contribution from local government.  Unfortunately, at this point in time Baw Baw Shire have not made a commitment of any funding towards such applications.  Gary Blackwood stated he would be in contact with Baw Baw Shire to discuss the matter further.

The meeting was one of many that have taken place recently to promote the needs of a new change room facility for all who play at the Trafalgar soccer grounds.

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