The Team 11 bid to bring an A-League/W-League club to the south-east is really heating up. As part of the process they are launching a research survey to allow them to better demonstrate the level of support there is (hopefully!) out there for this new club in our region.

Below is a link to and blurb for the survey. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and can only be completed by persons 16 and over.  Team 11 would greatly appreciate your time and contribution.

There is a prize up for grab for the two clubs that generate the most responses. But that will be based on the number of registered players in each club, so even the smallest clubs still have the same chance of winning as the biggest clubs!

  • Socceroo and south-east local Jackson Irvine will visit the club with the most responses one training night (most likely in early-mid May, but obviously have to be mindful of his schedule). He will kick around with the kids for a bit, do a Q&A about Team 11 and the World Cup and sign autographs.
  • The club with the second highest amount of responses will receive $1000 worth of football gear.

So please the 10 minutes required to complete the following online survey:

Link to Team 11 Online survey



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