It was a cold and frosty start to the morning at Traralgon City for their 50th Anniversary hub game with our U6’s playing in the back bleachers with no sun and ice on the ground!  Mick took the kids for a warm up to thaw out their cold hands and feet in preparation for the start of the game.  The game then began with both teams playing 5 a side to give the kids more opportunity to get on the park and stay warm.  Fortuna started strongly, kicking two goals and it wasn’t until Lillian came on that TVFC started to make an impact.  Lillian scored our first goal which seem to lift our confidence because the next goal came from Kade to tie us up.  Ivy took a nice shot at goals from far out and just missed.  Grace and Xavier were showing lots of determination, chasing and attacking the ball.  For what seemed like an eternity the half time whistle finally blew with us going into half time tied at 2 -2.

After some well deserved oranges and a chat about what we should do in the second half, we headed back out onto the park.  We started working on keeping two back in defense to protect the goals and having the other 3 players playing forward.  John and Buckley played forward and were attacking the ball really well, whilst Ivy and Grace were playing great defense.  Piper and James contributed by protecting the goals and playing some great defense as well.  Lillian and Kade scored 4 more goals between them to give us an end result of 6 – 2 whilst our strong defense kept Fortuna goalless in the second half.  Everyone shared some much deserved lollies and left over oranges at the end of the game.  Mick and I were very proud of the kids for listening to our instructions and putting them into practice during the game.  It definitely showed in the result.  Well done to our U6s for another courageous win.

Jump & Climb award went to Buckley and the BK’s award went to Lillian this week.

Report by MiniRoos Coordinator Tanya Makins




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