Our first game back after school holidays was a wet and cold one.  Mick took 4 of the 6 U6s onto the ground to play against a very strong 3 man Monash team.  The first half saw Monash breaking through our defence to kick a number of goals.  Lillian and Kade were doing a great job defending and Grace and John were tackling and dribbling the ball well when they got the opportunity.  Buckley and Xavier were doing a lot of chasing in the first half but no matter how much effort we put in the Monash kids were too strong.

After refuelling with oranges at half time we concentrated on getting our heads up and passing the ball and not getting in each other’s way.  More goals were scored by Monash then we finally got a break with Kade putting one in the back of the net.  Xavier also had an opportunity to score but unfortunately couldn’t quite get boot to ball.  Overall Mick and I were very proud of how well the kids played and they continued to try even though the game was very one-sided.

Awards this week went to:

Jump & Climb:  Kade

BK’s Award: John and Buckley

Report by Under 6 Coach, Tanya Makins

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