The under 10s played at home this week against Traralgon’s best team. Last time we played them the scores were 12-0 so we knew we were in for a tough game this week

It was a very wet, windy and cold out on the ground this morning, no matter how many layers everyone had on it’s was still freezing. Sully started off in goals for the first half and Jaxon in the second, well done boys you did a awesome job in there stopping the ball when you could.  Again we had jye and jai doing awesome work in defence. Mitch, Ash, Ryan, Wesley and Kaiden also did a fantastic job out on the field today.

Massive shout out to Sully for given it his all and a few times had 5-6 players onto him but he didn’t give up and was looking for someone to help him out, which earned him an award this week, as well as Wesley for having an awesome first few games with us.

We may have lost and not got a goal but you all did a awesome job, they could of scored a lot more it if wasn’t for Trafs team work.

Report by Stacey

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