This year’s Trafalgar Victory FC “Season Kick-Off” was a huge success. With approximately 50 parents and players attending there was a great deal of energy and expectation regarding the upcoming soccer season.

For the players there were a range of soccer clinics and games to be part of.  Whilst for the parents there was considerable information about training, game day and the club in general.  With a beautifully sunny morning the ground and clubroom looked superb and new families got a feel for what a morning’s soccer looks like at TVFC.

Following the soccer clinics the kids, and some brave parents, took to the pitch for a game.  The standard was quiet impressive with some impressive skills on display for all to see.  The practice match was decided with a somewhat controversial penalty kick, as is often the case.

To finish what was an excellent morning’s soccer, the club shouted a free BBQ for parents and kids in attendance.  This was well received by players and family members alike. Adrien did a great job cooking the sausages and definitely knows his was around a hot plate.

All up it was a great day’s promotion for the club.  The committee were very happy with the attendance and the program delivered on the day.  The kids were fully engaged in their soccer and the parents very informed about the season ahead.

TVFC would like to thank the numerous families who came along to our “Season Kick-Off” program.  The club would also like to thank the handful of its members, outside of the committee, who came along and helped on the day.  Without the assistance of these volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run clinics, play practice matches, have a BBQ or open the canteen.

If any players, new or returning, missed the day they need not worry.  Registration is still completed online at and information about training and registration can be found on our club’s website.

In order to keep up to date with all things Trafalgar Victory FC, including training and game day, please be sure to log onto or visit the Trafalgar Victory FC Facebook page.

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