Trafalgar Victory FC are seeking assistance from its member, past and present, to construct an accurate account of office bearers from 1996 – 2019. To date the club has been able to piece together the vast majority of senior committee positions in the clubs history.  However, there are still some blank spaces and some educated guesses upon the list.  Certain years are quite challenging with role changes occurring mid-season.

The club is currently working through past club records and documentation to complete the historic listing.  However, if you or someone you know has information regarding TVFC office bearers then please get in contact with Vice President, Mark Judd on 0448 032 490 and txt through the necessary information.

The club is trying to get an up to date and accurate record in preparation for a new Honour Board to be proudly displayed in the club rooms early in 2019.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please refer to the below table of records for comparison.

NB: Please be sure to use the “Next” and “Previous” buttons on the table to view all records.

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
2021Lachlan WyattKatrina AlisonRaelene Brace
2020Lachlan WyattMark JuddKatrina AlisonRaelene Brace
2019Lachlan WyattMark JuddAdrien MakinsRaelene Brace
2018Lachlan WyattMark JuddAdrien MakinsRaelene Brace
2017Lachlan WyattMark JuddKatrina AlisonRaelene Brace
2016Dylan WyattMark HeatheringtonTemplar HankinsonRaelene Brace
2015Dylan WyattKara KimberleyGreg WyattPetamarie Mathews
2014Dylan WyattKara KimberleyShirley GuthriePetamarie Mathews
2013Mark JuddGreg WyattJennifer MossPetamarie Mathews
2012Mark JuddGreg WyattJennifer MossPetamarie Mathews
2011Mark JuddGreg WyattJennifer MossPetamarie Mathews
2010Mark JuddGreg WyattJennifer MossPetamarie Mathews
2009Mark JuddBill SampsonJennifer Moss
Petamarie Mathews
2008Paul ChristianMark JuddLeanne BeasleySimone Clymo
2007Paul Christian Leanne BeasleySimone Clymo
2006Paul Christian (?)
2004Andrew Ross(?)/Martin Lovitt(?)Brian MathewsWayne Jones (?)/Shirley Regnier (?)/Lorinda Lovitt (?)Donna Noonan (?)
2003Luke TreyvaudJames AxeCraig Heywood/Lorinda Lovitt (?)Donna Noonan
2002Wayne Jones/Martin LovittWayne JonesShirley RegnierGanina Kellas
2001Wayne Jones (?)Shirley Regnier (?)
2000Wayne JonesShirley RegnierMandy MooneyGail Fiddelaers
1999Dr Darra MurphyMarcus BarkerJanet KolasaTony Bell
1998Dr Darra MurphyMarcus BarkerJanet KolasaTony Bell
1997Marcus BarkerPauline BarkerMike Duval-StewartKerri-Anne Duval-Stewart
1996Marcus BarkerPauline BarkerMike Duval-StewartKerri-Anne Duval-Stewart
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