Trafalgar Victory FC have for many years been supported by Trafalgar Mens & Boys Wear, 16 Contingent Street Trafalgar. The local business has supplied the club with uniform and supporter wear.  In 2017 the club advised Trafalgar Mens & Boys Wear that the club would be managing its own team uniforms and supporter wear. However, TVFC continued to source its junior socks and shorts via the local business for the duration of the 2017 season.

As of 2019, Trafalgar Victory FC will manage all aspects of its own uniform and supporter wear itself.  However, for season 2018, the club is encouraging all members to assist Trafalgar Mens & Boys Wear to clear all Trafalgar Victory FC stock.

Accordingly, MiniRoos and junior players are encouraged to purchase their socks and shorts from Trafalgar Mens & Boys Wear for season 2018. Likewise, senior aged players are encouraged to also purchase socks and shorts (for training purposes only).

Trafalgar Mens & Boys Wear also have limited stock in original TVFC caps, beanies and jackets.  So snap them up whilst stocks last.


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