In Season 2108 Trafalgar Victory FC will be selling a new social membership for season 2018.  In past seasons TVFC  hasn’t charged family members and friends of players to come and watch senior matches.  All other LVSL clubs charge a gate entry fee for spectators attending matches, as do the other footy codes.  So for season 2018 all spectators will be charged an entry fee at Trafalgar Victory home games.

However, Trafalgar Victory FC has an excellent social membership for its supporters to purchase that offers great value all season long.  For $50 a TVFC Social Member will get the following benefits:

  • Free entry to all TVFC home games
  • Free TVFC scarfe or beanie
  • Updates on club social events
  • Access to sponsored club nights

This is a new membership model for Trafalgar Victory FC.  With club expenses soaring, it is more important than ever to financially support your club via a social membership. Become a TVFC Social Member today.

NB: TVFC players and junior aged spectators do not have to pay entry to senior aged home matches.

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