A big night at Fortuna as the Cup finalists were decided.  Having dealt decisively with our biggest challenge in a previous round (Monash) and established superiority over Newborough in the league game last Sunday 4-0, on paper we have the ‘easy’ game for the night. However this is a final and therefore it’s only won after putting in the work.

On a boggy pitch we certainly did put in the work and made it look dry with precision passing and ball control.  With close to our best team available we dominated all over the pitch and constantly threatened to score.  Defence was the usual rock solid unit supplying quick penetrating runs forward regularly from Lizzie and Molly supplementing the rampaging forward and midfield group.

At half time the game was in control thanks to 2 goals from Bridget W.  The second half was just as decisive with another 3 goals added by Molly, Micky and Bridget.

Final score: Traf 5 Newborough 1

The girls now play Fortuna in the Final in September.  Meanwhile we have the chance to unsettle Fortuna this Sunday in a league game at home.

Match Report by Coach Tony Wyatt

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