Trafalgar Victory FC traveled to Monash SC to play its Round 13 match of the LVSL Under 16 season.  Having drawn with Monash earlier in the season the Trafalgar team was wary of their opposition and their ability to score rapidly.

The team welcomed back team Captain Stuart Beckley from injury and had almost a complete squad available for the much anticipated match.  The opening 15 minutes demonstrated how effectively the TVFC team can control play with numerous shots on goal being generated from impressive team play.  The midfield were winning plenty of the ball with Toby Budd controlling the centre of the park and Michael Judd and Calum Stewart taking care of the right and left midfield respectively.  All three strikers were making dangerous runs into the box and plenty of opportunities presented themselves.

Eventually it was central striker Logan Winter who opened the match up with a lovely goal from the top of the box.  His quick feet totally bamboozling the Monash defenders and giving the Monash Keeper no chance. Wingers Nic Tammes and Jacob Holmes both provided some well-timed and strategically directed runs into the box.  Both boys could easily have scored themselves with a little more luck.

To Monash’s credit, they never gave up and with a team consisting of bottom aged players, three young girls and a handful of very young players they made the most of their chances to not only draw level, but to take the lead by the half time break.  The speed and skill of Monash’s new recruit midfielder was troubling the Trafalgar backline and causing the defensive unit considerable concern.

Once behind in the game several of the TVFC boys were visually frustrated and letting the game get under their skin.  Half time came at an opportune time for the Trafalgar team.  At the half time break the team discussed some areas in which to improve and set themselves for a 100% committed second half.

It was evident from the first kick off of the new half that the Trafalgar lads were set for a huge second half.  The ball movement was exceptional with all three lines linking up. The combination passing along the right wing for Trafalgar was exceptional.   Lachy Burke started to win his position and provided excellent service to Michael Judd, who in turn distributed the ball brilliantly to both Toby Budd and Calum Stewart.  The midfield trio simply dominated the second half of the match and provided quality service to the strikers time after time.  Whilst the backline combined exceptionally well to smother any forward advances from the Monash team.

Lachy Smith and Monty Rahama teamed up superbly to cover the dangerous Monash strikers.  Whilst left back Josh Porter had the best game of his season to date.  Josh won the ball in the air and on the ground.  He played fast, he played strong and he played smart.  His areal work had to be seen to be believed.  It was the most dominant defensive performance from a Trafalgar defender in many seasons.

With the midfield well on top scoring opportunities were coming more frequently and Trafalgar looked ominous in attack.  It was a lovely through ball from Michael Judd that set Logan Winter up for a one on one against his defender.  Logan’s first touch was exquisite leaving his opponent wrong footed.  His shot ricocheted off the cross bar, into the back of the goalie and into the back of the net.  It was the only minute of the day that keeper Shelley was left with no advice to give.  It was a just outcome for Logan having been denied a goal only by the “square” upright in the first half.

With scores locked at two goals apiece Trafalgar had its tail up and was running across the park the better of the two teams. Nic Tammes was playing a determined and strong game on the right side of the pitch.  Teaming with Calum Stewart, Nic made numerous runs into the box, controlled the ball exceptionally and was unlucky not to have been awarded a penalty on several occasions.  Whilst on the other side of the pitch Jacob was as skilful, elusive and dangerous as ever.  His turn, hold and set up to Logan to hit the winner was delightful.  Jacob’s decision making and sublime skills makes the game a joy to watch.  Opposition that don’t give Jacob the respect he deserves certainly learn the hard way.  Jacob himself had some great shots on goal.

It must be said that Logan converted the winning shot on goal like a pro.  However, as a coach I was over the moon with Jacob’s vision, skill and willingness to set up a team mate.  This selfless play sums up what a good team player does to ensure team success.  My play of the day!

With Trafalgar now well on top both in terms of the scoreboard and general play, the boys relaxed and put in a passing clinic that had even the opposition goal keeper commenting upon the ease with which Trafalgar moved the ball.

It was a very satisfying win for the Trafalgar team.  The team was in exactly the same position as it was against EGUFC in their previous match.  However, this time they kept their emotions in check, played as a team and importantly played for each other.  With Falcons drawing with Traralgon City, the wins puts Trafalgar 3 point ahead of Falcons in third position on the ladder.  Congratulations to the boys for their gritty win.

Jump & Climb Award: Josh Porter

BK’s Award: Calum Stewart

Better players for Trafalgar: Josh Porter, Calum Stewart, Jacob Holmes, Logan Winter, Michael Judd & Nic Tammes.

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