The Trafalgar Victory FC Under 16 Boys played Traralgon City and Fortuna for their Round 14 & 15 matches respectively. Unfortunately the team were defeated in both matches, however the manner in which they played was in complete contrast.

The match against Traralgon City was one of the poorest performances of the season across the board.  The 3-1 defeat lacked teamwork and was completely disjointed.  There was an obvious lack of effort on behalf of the players and to be honest the boys just didn’t turn up to play at all. In the end the score line flattered the Trafalgar team considerably.

Whereas, the match against Fortuna whilst a heavier defeat on the scoreboard, was a much better showing from the team.  The lads kept control of the ball and knocked it around with ease.  There was space everywhere and players were working in support of one another presenting options all over the pitch.

Unfortunately the Fortuna strikers were just too good for the injured and inexperienced Trafalgar backline.  Their speed and precision when attacking their final third was just too good and caught the Trafalgar backline out of position and ball watching on numerous occasions.

Having said this, there were numerous great plays by Trafalgar throughout the day.  Lachy Burke created the two best plays of the day.  The first came when he outsmarted the Fortuna striker, stripped him of the ball and proceeded to rip past him with a classic piece of footwork.  However, Lachy’s finest moment was when he chipped the keeper from 40 meters out, only being denied by the crossbar in the end.  Even Lachy, who plays with a straight poker face, had reason to smile with his efforts.

Nic Tammes eventually slipped between the Fortuna backline to score a much deserved goal in the second half. Both he and Jacob Holmes worked extremely hard as lone strikers, both played strong and skilful games and created many great opportunities in the box throughout the match.  Hamish Brace too made numerous supporting runs into the box and looked dangerous the entire matches.  If not for a couple of offside runs, Hamish may well have finished the day with some goals of his own.  The passing up front was everything that Coach Mark had asked of his forwards.

The two most influential players on the ground for Trafalgar were Joshua Porter and Michael Judd.  Both lads read the play well, kept control of the ball and delivered great service to their team mates.  Josh played a strong and powerful game and won nearly every contest he entered into.  Whilst Michael worked hard both in attack and defence.  His accurate passing a feature of his game.  Toby Budd also worked hard and made great position throughout the match as the central attacking midfielder.

By the games end Fortuna were the better team on the day and won comfortably 7-1. However, it was a measure of how the Trafalgar boys played that both the Fortuna coach and match referee complimented how the boys played.

The Fortuna coach complemented the boy’s first half.  He was impressed by the way the boys moved the ball and structured up.  It was indeed an impressive period of the game from Trafalgar.  Whilst the referee complimented the sportsmanship and respect of the Trafalgar team.

As coach I was delighted to see the quality of young men on our team.  Despite being on the receiving end of appalling language all game long, the Trafalgar lads played the game fairly and didn’t engage with the inappropriate taunting of the opposition.

As a coach I watched (and protested loudly) as Trafalgar played were hacked from behind and taken out of play without intervention by the match referee.  In contrast I observed on several occasions the Trafalgar boys stop to offer a hand up to their opponents after contests.

The Fortuna lads certainly have some talented players, but I was proud to walk off the pitch as the Trafalgar Coach at the games end.  Well done lads.

Jump & Climb Award: Michael Judd

BK’s Award: Nic Tammes

Goal Scorer: Nic Tammes

Better players for Trafalgar: Michael Judd, Joshua Porter, Nic Tammes, Jacob Holmes, Lachlan Burke, Hamish Brace & Toby Budd.

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