The Trafalgar Victory FC Under 16s Boys played Sale United White for their round 9 clash at the Trafalgar Recreation Reserve. With four of the starting line-up unavailable through injury or illness and with goal keeper Josh Rothmeier getting out of his sick bed for the first time this week, the team were somewhat undermanned for this week’s match.

The game was most certainly a match of two extremely different halves. The first half was, as Coach Mark put it … FRUSTRATING!!!  The team had no real conviction, work rate or method in their play.  There was minimal communication within or between the lines and people looked to be playing for themselves, rather than for the team.

Toby Budd and Lachy Smith were the few players who looked truly switched on in the first half of play.  Whilst there were some nice pieces of play during the first half, overall the play lacked structure and team work.  It was therefore disappointing, yet not unexpected, when Sale scored against the trend of play to take a 1-0 lead into the half time break.

Coach Mark expressed his concerns at half time and challenged his team to take ownership of the game.  There was still a half in which to rectify the game and to take something out of an otherwise “FRUSTRATING” game.

With team Captain Stuart Beckley watching on from the sidelines, due to injury, it was up to others within the leadership group to stand up and make a difference.  Joshua Porter rose to the challenge and defended grandly in the second half.  Joshua made several powerful runs up the right wing and linked exceptionally well with the midfield and strikers.

Jacob Holmes also played a blinding second half. His full set of skills were on display for all to see.  Jacob continually turned his opponents inside out, leaving them flatfooted as he run amuck as a pressing midfielder.   Jacob combined well with creative striker Calum Stewart and between the two boys, created numerous scoring opportunities.

It was a lovely through ball from Calum that set up “Captain on the day” Logan Winter for a match equalising goal at the 44th minute mark.  From that moment onwards, the Trafalgar boys gained ascendency and sense of self belief.

It was only a matter of 10 minutes later that Michael Judd, who was now starting to win his position, placed a lovely lofted ball over the back line for Logan to run onto. Logan controlled the b all beautifully with his first touch and took care of the keeper with ease.  Trafalgar 2 – Sale 1.

The once more at the 66th minute mark, Logan completed his second half hat trick with a one on one challenge with the Sale keeper.  Logan managed to keep his feet and poise to calmly put the match beyond doubt with a nice finish.

By the games end, Trafalgar had won the match 3-1 and the boys found a way to work themselves back into the match.  There is nothing more challenging in sport than to have an off day and not be in the correct headspace.  However, there is nothing more rewarding than to work your way back into a game and have to grind out a win when you feel as if you are pushing uphill.

As coach I was delighted with the second half effort of the Trafalgar boys. The second half turn around demonstrated a real determination and preparedness to dig deep when things aren’t going your way. So well done to the lads upon their perseverance and determination.  The team will enjoy a well-deserved week off for the upcoming long weekend.

Jump and Climb Award: Lachy Smith

BKs Award: Toby Budd

Better players:  Lachy Smith, Tobby Budd, Jacob Homes, Logan Winter, Joshua Porter & Michael Judd.

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