Womens Elimination Final 3rd vs 6th: Trafalgar vs Newborough

We had beaten Newborough 3 times already this season so what was there to fear?  Everyone steps up for a final don’t they and what did Newborough have to lose coming from 6th? It’s easy to look back and say that losing the last 2 games of the regular season to two ordinary teams was good for us because it gave us good reason to look at ourselves and deal with our weaknesses.  Well we certainly did that; at least I agonised over it after getting used to winning!

So we went into this final single-mindedly; we were going to continue to push forward relentlessly like we have all season but now we will take our chances and get back on track. We did that!

The magician Yusuf got free early on and put one away clinically.  We continued to create opportunities but we also continued to narrowly miss, however I’m impressed more each week with the way we go about our game.  We do the things that good teams do – start our attacks from defence, value possession, defenders attacking, forwards defending, thinking rather than booting.  We challenged ourselves at half time; we were in control but far from satisfied as players who have our eyes on something bigger.

The second half stepped up and got the reward of two more goals because we weren’t satisfied to accept not taking our chances.  Well done Cristiin on 2 goals and well done everyone on a very even contribution.

Traf 3 Newborough 0

Congratulations to the Men’s team on a great performance that deserved a win against Traralgon but it unfortunately got away only because we couldn’t take our opportunities which were many more than the opposition’s.  The best teams now respect Traf men and women which is a great achievement for a young club.

Report by Senior Women’s Coach, Tony Wyatt.

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