FFV Referee Instructor Mr Adam Sharp presented a club based Assistant Referee (AR) Course at the Trafalgar Victory club rooms on Tuesday the 23rd May.  TVFC had requested this course at the start of the season and the LVSL arranged for Adam to deliver the course this week.  The course presented the role and responsibilities of an assistant referee (commonly refereed to as a linesman or woman at the club level) and reviewed the rules of the game that are essential for the local club level AR.

In excess of 30 members attended the course and all were engaged and appreciative participants. Adam, who has many years of experienced referee coaching, provided some great tips and excellent advice to those who are AR on the weekends.  He presented in an extremely hands on manner and the course incorporated a considerable amount of flag waving.  Adam also used some excellent video and online resources.  The question sessions provided some interesting conversations with Adam clarifying and consolidating many new concepts and understandings.

All in attendance gained clarity regarding the role of the club based AR and their involvement in the game.  An improved understanding of the the rules of the game was also achieved.  The session certainly proved valuable for coaches, team officials, parents and players.  Who knows tonight’s course might juts inspire some young TVFC members to one day take up a whistle and join the ranks of local referees.

TVFC wish to thank Adam for generously giving his time to improve the standard of assistant refereeing at our club.  We found Adam to be a most knowledgeable and effective referee instructor and encourages other local clubs wishing to deliver the same program.


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