As a member of the Trafalgar Victory FC committee for several years now, I have been part of a team that has worked both long and hard to witness the construction of the soccer grounds we now call home, the building of our canteen/club rooms that we all enjoy and the extras such as the fencing, portable goals etc.

These significant projects could not have been achieved without strong partnerships with local government, state government and the Trafalgar Recreation Precinct.  TVFC would not enjoy its current opportunities either without the vision and dedication of people like Mick Burke who worked for years planning the current precinct model.

To get where we are as a club today has been a journey of many discussions, many debates, considerable compromise and a significant investment, both of time and money. There has been much water that has passed under our bridge.

Our small club have invested $100K+ into our grounds and facilities.  Further to this our club successfully gained $150K+ funding and sponsorship (outside of state and local funding) to make these grounds a reality.  Our members have made significant personal donations to our building funds and many of us helped in the construction of the canteen/club rooms.

So earlier this year when Baw Baw Shire advised our club that Gippsland FC had been granted co-tenant status it came, to myself anyway, as somewhat of a shock. Effectively, GFC now have equal use of the pitches and facilities, including the club canteen that TVFC had worked so hard to achieve.  Originally, I personally found this decision unjust and extremely unfair.

However, on the weekend just gone it was 11 representatives from Gippsland FC that answered the call to assist with the TVFC MiniRoos hub day.  None of these junior players had anything to gain by assisting TVFC, yet they gave up their time and offered their services. I’m sure that GFC Coach Lee Dastey and Club President Tristan Zimora offered considerable encouragement to the boys too.  However, the gesture was very much appreciated by those at TVFC.

Today, I personally am looking at what can be “gained” via a TVFC and GFC partnership, rather than a will be “taken” mindset.  The prospect of sharing coaching knowledge and experience is something that TVFC would like to investigate.  As is the possibility of GFC contributing towards improved capital items such as additional portable training goals, behind the goal nets, extra training lights and extra canteen equipment.

Trafalgar Victory FC are currently sharing all they have worked for over the past 21 years with Gippsland FC.  We, as a club, are keen for this partnership to grow and for future gains to be mutually beneficial.

Report by TVFC Vice President Mark Judd



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