Trafalgar 2 also travelled to Sale on Saturday to compete against Tyres. As there was a couple of players unavailable it was great to see Harry S and James P put there hand up to help out.
The game started at a furious pace and Tyres were putting a lot of pressure on our defence. Jye, Beau and Hunter were battling hard and cleared the ball on numerous occasions. Charlie B was saving anything that got through. The Tyres coach made the comment that our goalie was one of the best he has seen.

Once the game settled down we started to look for the loose man and we started to set up some opportunities to score. James  B and Harry S were passing the ball well and with our forwards were making space, the game started to turn in our favour. Our forwards excellent passing soon resulted in goals. The play of the day was Hunter T clearing pass to Ash in midfield then a flick on to Elijay who nailed the goal. It was a great example of quick passing to an open man that set up a goal.

Tyres never gave up and kept attacking. Aaron was reading the play beautifully and cleared the ball on  several occasions in the second half and with James P controlling the mid field we managed to hold on for a well deserved win.

It was a great game to watch and both teams played very well. It was not easy to pick our best players as they all performed well.

Ash got the Jump and Climb award.
Hunter the Bk’s award from Round 5.
Elijay the Bk’s award for his 3 goals this week.

This week we are working on Teamwork . Keep up the Good work.

Match report by William Pace.

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