Training began for TVFC MiniRoos Under 10’s on Thursday 23rd February 2017. As a coach, my coaching style follows the FFA National Football (Soccer) Curriculum which aims to not only “develop technically proficient players” but to also “instill a lifelong passion and love for football in young players”.

Each training session saw my player numbers grow to the point where we had 21 registered MiniRoos Under 10 players. As the playing format for MiniRoos Under 10s is 9-a-side with a maximum of five substitutes, it became clear that we needed two teams. Two teams were then formed, namely Trafalgar 1 Team and Trafalgar 2 Team. The Latrobe Valley Soccer League were kind enough to allow us to enter a second team at short notice but as draws were already finalised for Rounds 1 and 2 and the MiniRoos Under 10 West Hub Competition already had an even number of teams, it was agreed that Trafalgar Teams would rotate the bye for the first two Rounds.

Round 1 was on Saturday 25th March 2017 at Falcons grounds in Morwell. Trafalgar 1 Team played against Pegasus who were a great opponent. The TVFC Team were fantastic. All players participated well and their enthusiasm for the game was spectacular. The players played how we had practiced in training but most of all, they had fun.

Round 2 was on Saturday 1st April 2017 at Monash grounds in Newborough. Trafalgar 2 Team played against Monash 1. It was another great game and Monash 1 played really well. The TVFC Team showed amazing effort and skill. The performance of the players was awesome and they showed great teamwork and eagerness for the game.

Well done TVFC MiniRoos Under 10’s Players! You are a joy to coach and I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Due to popular demand, I will include an extra night’s training per week. Starting from Term 2, Tuesday 18th April 2017, we will train Tuesday’s from 5.45pm-6.30pm as well as our normal training night on Thursday’s. This extra night’s training is optional and we will focus specifically on the topic for each Thursday night’s training (Topics are “Running With The Ball; Passing The Ball; 1 V 1; and First Touch. Each week’s training focuses on one Topic as per the FFA Curriculum). So, Tuesday’s training will be interactive, fun and skills/technically based.

As a coach, I will continue to work on developing player’s awareness of individual roles; understanding of working together; and correct technique and skill during enjoyable and fun training sessions.

Shirley Guthrie

TVFC MiniRoos Under 10 Coach

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