Trafalgar Victory FC would like to thank IGA Trafalgar and the local community for supporting their IGA “Car Park” BBQ, hosted on Saturday the 4th of March.  The event was a great opportunity for the club to raise some much needed dollars.  Cameron Wyatt,  Aidan Mathews and Tony Wyatt did the morning shift.  Whilst Tony Wyatt, Emily Kielty, Lizzie Wallace and Claudia Wyatt helped in the afternoon.

This type of fundraiser is superb as IGA provide everything from the food, BBQ, shade tent to the carpark venue.  All a club needs to do is provide the people power.  The club hopes to run another IGA BBQ morning later in the season, with the junior aged parents supplying the volunteers.  When you see an opportunity as easy as this to support your club, be sure to step up and join the volunteers at Trafalgar Victory FC.

The event raised in excess of $200.


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