Trafalgar Victory has held its end of season “Club Training” session.  The event had been planned for earlier in the season, but due to bad weather had been rescheduled for eventual day of Thursday the 24th of August.

The session was well attended with in excess of 50 players participating.  The MiniRoos were very well represented, as were the junior aged players.  The program consisted of a number of training stations which mixed aged groups rotated through over the course of an hour. At the conclusion of the evening a huge “all in” match was played between participants.  This was indeed the most memorable and enjoyable part of the evening.

It was great to see the joy upon the faces of our youngest players as they rubbed shoulders with representatives from the Senior Men’s and Women’s teams.  There were players aged from 5 to 50, buys and girls, men and women.  It was exactly the success the TVFC Committee had hoped it would be.  Many of the younger participants enjoyed a food and drink pack at the end of the evening.  A great event for the players and the club as a whole.

TVFC would like to thank Club President Lachlan Wyatt for organising the event and manning/overseeing the canteen. The club would also like to thank the numerous coaches and assistants who took control of the training drills/stations.

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