After sending an email to every one of the 160 registered players at Trafalgar Victory FC to seek assistance in selling Christmas Trees over December, only 7 members bothered to respond!  That’s only 4% of our members that made an effort to offer their assistance.  Surely members that enjoy a safe, well run and family focused club can roll up their sleeves and lend a hand when the opportunity presents.  That’s what being a member of a club is all about.

This annual fundraiser raises $2000 for our club. This is money that we can keep off the fees of all players (MiniRoos, Juniors and Seniors). Without this income fees will rise.

So if you care even the slightest about the future of your club, if not simply for your fees sake, please log onto and register to volunteer.  Or alternatively, use the following links:

To view the duty roster showing roles filled and those yet to be filled, use the duty roster link.

To nominate your assistance to help, use the volunteer link.

This is the future of your club that we are talking about!

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