MCFC Mini World Cup (2)

Representatives from the TVFC Under 12 boys team were fortunate enough to represent Australia in a mini world cup on Wednesday 6th April held by Melbourne City FC at Bundoora to celebrate multi-cultural week.  The day unfolded as one of the wettest days yet with the rain persisting all day. The competition consisted of 16 teams, all allocated a country to represent.

The first knock out round consisted of four matches. Australia/TVFC played Albania, Netherlands, USA and Ivory Coast. The matches were  exciting and as a coach I was proud of my team. Although Australia/TVFC did not make it to the quarter finals, they did win a prize for most creative poster and best dressed. The players won a Cap each signed by the Melbourne City FC A-League team.

It was a great experience and opportunity that Melbourne City FC offered to players from clubs all over Victoria.  It is good to see clubs from Victoria coming together to participate. The players will remember this experience.

 Kara Kimberley

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