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Over the off season, numerous TVFC juniors have participated in coaching clinics and academy events. Several players attended the Harry Kewell Academy clinics ran from Monday the 14th – Friday the 18th of December.  The intensive clinic ran from 9:00am till 3:00pm and was led by Harry Kewell and his team of coaches.  The quality of the participants was most impressive.  Some of the best young footballers were present and all learnt a great deal from the wisdom and experienced offered by Harry and his team.  Likewise junior aged TVFC players traveled as far as Ballarat to attend a recently held Melbourne City FC clinic.

MHFC Clinic

Parents often ask coaches “How can my son or daughter improve as a soccer player?”.  My response to such questions would be to keep playing or practicing during the off season.  Have a kick at least once a day, either by yourself trying new moves or passing with a family member. But importantly, take advantage of these great community based coaching opportunities offered over the holiday periods.  There are many available at TVFC will do its best to promote up coming events.

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