TVFC President, Dylan Wyatt, has been nominated for this year’s TVCF Senior Club Person of the Year.

Dylan has been an outstanding member of TVFC. Dylan fulfilled the roles of Club President and under 16s coach. Dylan also played a significant role in establishing the new LVSL and ensuring TVFC had a place in the new league. Dylan also lead the merchandising drive, marked lines and even ran canteen/gate for the majority of senior home games this year.

Despite living and working away from Trafalgar, Dylan is always at the club.  He committed the entire season as the coach of a team, with which he had no previous association.  He did more than his fair share of line marking and facility maintenance too.  In addition to fulfilling the many duties associated with being club president, Dylan invested many hours helping to establish the new Latrobe Valley Soccer League that we all enjoy today.

He has provided several years of dedication and service to his club.  Dylan is a very worthy nominee.  To vote for Dylan, please follow the link below.

TVFC Club Person Award online voting

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