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TVFC players have been invited by Melbourne City FC on numerous occasions to participate at A league matches at AAMI PARK Stadium over the past few months.  The players from TVFC  had the opportunity to play a mini roos match at half time,  some selected to be ball boys/girls around the pitch during the game and also Hyundai mat carriers.  The excitement and enthusiasm of the young kids from TVFC aged from 5 to1 5 years old is fantastic to see. In addition to participating the kids and guardians get to watch the A League game with Melbourne City winning 2 matches and drawing the third match. It is a privilege and an honour to be a part of these events. It is a great experience for the kids to watch the best players in Australia and at the end of the match meet some of the players.  10 kids participated 27th November, 32 kids participated 2nd January, 10 kids participated 9th January.

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The players that participated in these events include;

Ayden Burke, James Burke, Levi James, Riley Timbs, Hunter Timbs, Lachlan Francis, Lachlan Silver, Tristan Silver, Noah Stanely, Tyler Dineen, Campbell Dineen, Josh Porter, Mathew Porter, Millie Francis, Ruby Francis, Charli Perkins, Jay Sommerville, Bayden Heusman, Jobi Heusman, Finn Young, Bailey Parneby, Zoe Parneby, Max Sommerville, Jett Marslen, Jarrod Ainsworth, Rhys Ainsworth, Steffen Aboltins, Conner Nelson/Higgins, Conner Emans, Max McDowell, Isabel McDowell, Tayia Marslen, Stewert Beckley, Josh Rothmeir, Aeden Rothmeir.

TVFC wishes to thank Kara Kimberley for her organisation and coordination of these events.  Through her efforts our youngest players yet again have the opportunity to gain a quality football experience.

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