Under 8 Team pic

Round 8 saw another cold start for the interclub games where our teams had come together to play against teams from other clubs in the LVSL.  U8’s soccer skills are developing in leaps and bounds. Our players are really starting to get the idea of moving the ball away from crowded areas and putting their dribbling skills into action by driving the ball down the pitch.  A number of players utilised these skills at every opportunity. Another great skill coming along nicely is our defense. Our teams are continuously working together to recognise the play and assisting the goalies by defending our goal area.

The players of both Trafalgar teams enjoyed slipping and sliding and the wet ground. Jye L has shown a love for soccer and his confidence is building with his offense as well as his defence. A spectacular kick seeing the ball fly off the pitch showed what he is capable of. Well done Jye L for receiving an award. A superb dive on the ball right in front of the goal line from Sullivan, saw him save the ball from a potential goal! However this weeks award goes to Riley C for using his continuously improving skills of long ball drives down the pitch away from our opponents. Well done.

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