The Trafalgar Under 13 girls team faced Falcons in their semi final game this week. Falcons have had the better of all three matches played this season between the two teams and have won the league championship so are a formidable opponent. The team was quietly confident before the kickoff but within 6 minutes the Falcons team was in control with a 2:0 lead. The team work of the past two weeks had disappeared and the Trafalgar team struggled to move the ball forward. Livvy tried her hardest to get the team going with some beautiful through balls but the Falcons team were quickest to the ball and easily repelled all attacks. Nat, Haylea and Allyssa all battled valiantly in the midfield but the ball would not go our way. Any 50:50 balls fell to Falcons and caught the Trafalgar team on the wrong foot. Maddy and Skye tried to create some forward chances but the Falcons team were equal to any thing that was put to them and defended well. Nyah, Tia, and Mackenzie were under pressure in the backline but they were able to keep the attacks under control. Gabby showed off her improved goal kick skills with several lofted clearances that got the ball well up the ground but we still couldn’t break down the Falcons defence. Ivy replaced Haylea up front and battled well to put some pressure on the defenders. The Trafalgar team started to get the game on a more even keel but just before half time the Falcons team again broke through and scored a third goal. The whistle blew for half time allowing the Trafalgar team a chance to catch their breathe and regroup. 

The message to the team before the game had been to smile and enjoy the experience. With a lot of downcast faces they were reminded of that initial message.  

Maddy and Livvy started on the bench to give them a much needed break. The second half began as an arm wrestle with the Trafalgar team able to put a bit more pressure on the Falcons team. Paris was working hard in the midfield and Haylea started to win some possessions. Gabby cleaned up everything that came her way and and the defenders did a great job of repelling attacks. With 16 minutes to go Maddy was reintroduced to the game and thirty seconds later made the most of her opportunity to score a wonderful goal. Haylea unleashed a number of shots that hit the outside netting of the goal and the Trafalgar team started to believe. Gabby tipped a shot onto the cross bar and the ball was cleared. Nat and Allyssa really started to dominate the midfield and Haylea fired a brilliant shot to score. Game on!! The ball moved up and down the pitch as both sides attacked. With 10 minutes to go a long range shot by Falcons was just too high for Gabby to reach and the lead was extended to 2. The Trafalgar team refused to buckle and had numerous shots at goal miss by millimetres. Falcons attacked repeatedly down the right wing but Tia jockied all the way to the goal line to frustrate them every time. With 5 minutes to go Maddy picked off a goal kick to score again. With both teams supporters roaring encouragement the Trafalgar girls did their very best to level the scores. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and extra time wasn’t required as Falcons won 4:3. 

The girls must be congratulated for the wonderful fight back and the way they played the game and conducted themselves through their whole day. Their team spirit is second to none and they are a delightful group of young ladies. It was unfortunate that the gap was too great to bridge in the end. As a coach I can only be grateful to be part of this memorable game. 

The team has been an absolute pleasure to coach. Their desire to improve has been outstanding. 

 I would like to thank Simone for team managing and worrying about the off field requirements this season leaving me to only coach. You have been a wonderful helper. I thank all the parents that contributed to the successful running of the team this season. The lines were run, marshals did their duty and the canteen was operated without issue. I also thank you for letting me coach your team. It has been a privilege. 

To Kara and the Under 12 team and parents I thank you for making the game days, that we shared the grounds, work so well. 

To Club President Dylan and the executive Committee; Templar and Raelene we thank you for the endless hours you put in to make the club run as smoothly as possible. 

To the junior coordinator Mark thank you for your efforts this season. 

To canteen manager Emma thank you for the hours spent cleaning, stocking and running the canteen. 

To the members of the senior women’s team who trained with us on numerous occasions thank you for you being excellent role models. 

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