Under 13 Girls

The Trafalgar Under 13 girls team hosted Newborough-Yallourn for this weeks quarter final game. The teams have been evenly matched in their two previous encounters this season so we looked forward to the challenge. The game started with both teams able to move the ball into attack but both defences were on top and any forward moves were shut down. At the nine minute mark Maddy broke the deadlock with another trademark goal. The Trafalgar team then started to get on top but could not convert their opportunities.

Haylea, Paris and Maddy all had numerous shots that went wide or were blocked by the Newborough defenders. Allyssa and Natalie covered both ends of the ground and provided great link play in the midfield.The team was combining brilliantly but were not rewarded for the efforts. Newborough, to their credit , soaked up the pressure and then unleashed a counter attacking move that saw Gabby having to deal with a one on one situation with the Newborough striker. Unfortunately the attacker was just too quick for Gabby and got to the ball a split second before the dependable goalie and the ball was in the net. 1:1 The whistle blew for half time shortly after and the team used the break to refocus.

The girls reiterated the message that they could not slack off and the game was there to be won. With oranges consumed and the home supporters cheers ringing in their ears the team started the second half on top. Ivy took over Haylea’s role and provided good service to her forwards. Livvy continued her domination at full back and created attacking moves via foot and from throw ins for Skye to run on to. Haylea was reintroduced to the game and her impact was immediate with a lovely run and goal and then a brilliant long range shot to score her second. The Trafalgar team had some breathing space but Newborough kept persisting.

Newborough created another chance and the ball again finished in the net to make the score 3:2 Trafalgar’s way. The game seesawed up and down the pitch and Gabby managed a brilliant save as the ball bobbled around in the front of goals. The Trafalgar fans erupted when Maddy played a magnificent pass through to Skye who smacked the ball into the net. Unfortunately Skye had just mistimed her run and the correct call of offside had the referee disallow the goal. With the match approaching full time and the crowd on their toes Maddy chopped off a Newborough clearance and comprehensively beat the keeper to put the game in no doubt. Haylea scored again one minute later and when the referee blew full time immediately after the kick off the final score was 5:2

The team would like to express their extreme gratitude to club stalwarts Templar and Emma for giving up their Saturday morning to ref the game and run the canteen.

Next week we take on League Champions Falcons at Morwell in a semi final game which we eagerly anticipate.

Match report by Coach Warren Steen

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