players wanted

With the Latrobe Valley Soccer League junior competition set to kick off after the upcoming school holidays, Trafalgar Victory FC still require players across several age groups.  Ideally, junior squads should consist of approximately 15 players.  This allows a squad to accommodate for injuries, absences and prior engagements throughout the season.

Based upon those players actually registered, as of today, there are no junior aged teams who have more than 12 registered players.  Accordingly the club is looking for players both boys and girls aged 12-16.

All TVFC members are asked to assist in recruitment.  This means players, parents, coaches and supporters all need to encourage new players to attend training over the school holidays (training schedules are available upon the club website).

Families are advised that in the event that a team doesn’t form, which we are hopeful does not happen, player fees are refunded in full.  Please help grow our junior player numbers.

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