Trafalgar Victory FC is now taking orders for 2016 Christmas Tree sales.  Fresh, beautiful 6 foot trees are being sold through Trafalgar Victory FC via a local supplier and being delivered (for free) on Sat the 3rd, Sat 10th and Sat 17th December.  Orders can also be placed at Trafalgar IGA on Sat 3rd, Sat 10th, Sat 15th & Sat 17th December.

Trees can be ordered online for only $50.00 each and plastic tree bases are also being sold for only $35.00 a piece.

To place an order with TVFC simply log onto the club’s website at www.tvfc.com.au or use the following link: Online tree order

Congratulations to Heather Hibberd for placing the very first order for 2016.

For any further details or questions, be sure to contact Mark on 0448 032 490.

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