The 2016 TVFC Christmas Tree Fundraiser has concluded with over 60 trees sold and $3000 of sales made.  The expenses of trees and bases must be taken from this gross sales before a profit margin can be established.

Regardless of the final dollars raised the program has once again been well supported by the local community.  Some clients have been buying trees from the club for five or more years now, whilst others are first time buyers.

The trees purchased from John’s Christmas Tree Farm have once again been of the highest quality.  The club received numerous compliments about the trees and indeed the friendly service provided by the delivery teams.  TVFC would like to thank Rick, the new owner of the tree farm, for continuing the association with the club again this year.

The club would also like to thank Trafalgar IGA for their continued support.  The supermarket has allowed us once again to sell from the front of their store and have encouraged us to be involved on their giant Market Day which took place on Thursday the 15th of December.  In fact our final two trees are currently being displayed in the foyer of the Trafalgar IGA store.

However, if it weren’t for the support from our club volunteers, then none of this would be possible.  With over 100 families associated with the club, all of which were contacted and their assistance requested, it was the following people who gave of their time;

Kara Kimberley, Emma Hudson, Tyler Vardon, Finn Vardon-Phillips, Sally Stannard, Stuart Lister, Mark Judd, Katrina Alison, Chloe Alison, Warren Steen, Bryan Lewis, Raelene Brace, Huw Brace, Anna Marshall, Damian Marshall, Greg Wyatt, Cam Wyatt, Shelley Hankinson, Eamon O’Hare, Aidan Mathews, Scott McCartin, Lizzy Wallace, Emily Keilty, Caycee Tatterson & Greg Porter.

The Trafalgar Victory FC committee thanks the above volunteers for their efforts.  It is through their donation of time, vehicles, trailers and fuel that the entire club benefits.  Please understand that without fundraisers such as these every players fees would rise considerably.  All members at our club have benefitted as a result of those listed above.

Finally, the TVFC committee wishes all its members and extended family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope to see you all back on the pitch in season 2017.

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