Trafalgar Victory FC has set the “100 Tree Challenge” to its members.  Throughout December, TVFC will be running its annual Christmas Tree Fundraiser.  Last year the club sold a record 80 trees.  In 2016 the club is looking to sell 100 trees for the first time.

TVFC members are encouraged to either purchase a tree (place online order), or to promote our Christmas Tree fundraiser to family and friends in the local community.  Not every 160 members at our club would use a fresh Christmas tree over the Christmas period, but I’m sure every member knows someone who does.    If we all could find 1 Christmas tree sale each that would be 160 trees sold.

Get behind your club and make a contribution.  At the least, print off the flyer from the main menu of the club’s website (www.tvfc.com.au) or use the following link to print off a flyer. Flyer link

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