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The TVFC Women have chalked up their first season points with an inspiring 2-1 victory over neighbouring club Moe.  For the Victory it was great reward for a most determined and persistent performance.  This year’s team is a very different one to that which played in South Gippsland.  Many of the girls are new to the club and several to the game.  Accordingly, it was always going to take some time before things “clicked” into place.

The Moe team too had several players who are trying football for the first time and they too will be better for the run.  Both teams hold considerable potential and will no doubt be ones to watch as the season unfolds.

The game was an even affair with both teams creating several genuine scoring opportunities.  Moe appeared to have the better of the opening stanza, with TVFC defenders Caycee and Amanda working overtime to repel each attacking wave.  Goal keeper Claudia was called upon to make several saves and proved to be most reliable with the gloves.

Moe’s midfield displayed considerable youth and pace and initially generated some cause for concern.  Yet as the game progressed holding midfielder Shirley used her accurate passing to create numerous counter attacks.  Te-arni generated considerable run as she weaved her way along the pitch.  She also linked up really effectively with the central attacking midfielder Bridget.  In fact it was Bridget who broke the game wide open in the first half when she calmly slotted the first goal of the match to give Trafalgar the early lead.

Despite the goal advantage the game was still anyone’s and when Moe scored to even the match, picking a winner was near impossible.  Only minutes before the half time break Trafalgar looked to regain ascendancy when striker Kelly beat the keeper with a nicely timed shot, only to be denied by the upright.  One couldn’t help but wonder if the rectangular tubed goals of Moe were replaced by the circular tubed goals of Trafalgar, would the goal have ended in the back of the net.  The half time score was Trafalgar 1 – Moe 1.

Stand in coach Anthony Wyatt, no relation of  regular coach Lachie Wyatt, provided some timely advice to the girls at half time.  He encouraged his chargers to give their all until the end of the match and to reduce risky plays in the defensive box.  He proved to be a very good choice indeed as stand in coach and used his years of wisdom to best motivate and encourage the girls.

The second half was hard work for all on the park.  However, from the start of the final 45 minutes it was clear that Trafalgar weren’t going down without a fight.  The two Emma’s gave their all and never once shirked a challenge or tackle.  Whilst Kate made a significant impact from off the bench, her enthusiasm infectious for all wearing the red and white.

Left back Crystal played her self into the game and looked much more confident in the second half.  She quickly became accustomed to the speed of the match and did a great job keeping the speedy Moe wingers under control.

At the 70th minute mark when all were feeling the effects of fatigue it was a killer pass from Te-arni that split two Moe defenders and released Bridget into the box for a one on one with the Moe goal keeper.  Having scored 24 goals in the metro league for Warragul last year, the gun recruit dragged the ball to her right, beat the goal keeper, and calmly converted the winner goal.

To their credit the Moe players never gave up and in response the Trafalgar girls defended grandly to secure a much enjoyed 2-1 victory.  A great result for the Victory girls and one that will leave coaches Wyatt and Wyatt most pleased and satisfied.

The girls will now enjoy the Easter break followed by a bye round, prior to taking on Morwell Falcons 2000.

Stand in coach, Anthony Wyatt, addresses the TVFC women following their victory.

Stand in coach, Anthony Wyatt, addresses the TVFC women following their victory.






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