U14 Team Rnd 1

The TVFC Under 14 Boys team have won their second consecutive match with a commanding 4-0 performance against Newborough-Yallourn this weekend.  The Trafalgar team easily played their best game of the season (to date) and the team play and ball movement had to be seen to be believed.  All over the ground the ball was being knocked around.  From the goal keeper to the strikers, players were linking up and moving the ball with precision and accuracy.

Coach Mark was delighted with how the team played.  The decision making was first class and the supply and support between the boys was outstanding.  The most impressive statistic of the day wasn’t the four goals or the number of kicks Trafalgar won in the midfield, rather it was the “clean sheet” kept  by the entire Trafalgar defensive unit.

The backline looked rock solid today and Captain Stuart Beckley once again led from the front.  Stuart is one of Trafalgar’s most consistent players and today’s contribution was a near perfect defensive performance.  Not only did Stuart deny the N-Y strikers a look at the goals, but his reading of the play and attacking runs through the centre of the pitch set up numerous attacking moves for his team.  Stuart was very well supported by what is fast becoming one of the Gippsland’s strongest back fours.  Michael Wallace gets better and better with every week and has the strength and tenacity to match any opposition winger.  Lachlan Burke played yet another blinder of a game and repelled the N-Y wing time after time.  Lachy is a great player to watch and always uses the ball so intelligently.  The final of the “fab four” is Toby Budd who can cover just about any player in Gippsland with skill, speed and timing.  During the game Jack O’Connor and Flynn George also played in the backline and did their part also to ensure TVFC keeper Joshua Rothmeier didn’t have to work too hard in the goals.

The middle of the ground was “owned” by Trafalgar this week.  Central midfieilders Josh Porter and Michael Judd absolutely dominated the contest in the middle of the park and continually turned defence into attack. Both boys had the ball on a string and provided some delightful passes to the advantage of their team mates.  Josh and Michael were confident in the busy central corridor of the pitch and both managed to find space in close quarters to control the match.  Nic Tammes and Hamish Bruce complimented Josh and Michael on the wings and both had some delightful passages of play.  Both the Ibbotson twins also played on the wings during the game and both made an immediate impact upon the game.  Connor adds some strength and grunt to the team.  Whilst Luke loves to have a run out of goals.  Both boys have a very penetrating and accurate foot which slice open any oppositions midfield and backline.

Up front, Logan continued to build upon his season tally with another four goal performance on the weekend.  He is a seriously talented striker who definitely knows where the goals are.  Logan can chip a keeper from 20 meters or can sneakily deflect a ball past the keeper from very close range.  Even better than his impressive collection of goals, Logan’s passing (especially in the first half) was amazing.  He held the ball when he was needed to do so and passed it forwards, sideways and even backwards to set up team mates.  He as well supported by the likes of Flynn George and Aeden Rothmeier who also worked extremely hard up front to generate many shots on goal.

The half time score of 1-0 was pleasing as the boys had moved the ball beautifully and not conceded a goal for the entire 35 minutes.  The second half too was very impressive.  The boys continued to play team based football, Logan capitalised upon the good play and scored a hat-trick for the half, people were able to play a range of different positions on the park and importantly the defensive unit didn’t concede a single goal for the entire game.  The final score was Trafalgar 4 – Y-N 0.

From the coaches perspective it was almost the perfect team game.  Whilst there are always areas to work upon both coach and players will sit back and savour the victory at least until training on Tuesday.  TVFC now turn their attention to next week’s game against Sale, where another 3 points will be up for grabs!

This week’s Traf Boys & Meanswear “team player” award recipient was Michael Judd.



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