Under 16 team small

Following the GSL’s restructure of both the junior and senior competition for season 2015, an Under 18 competition has been added to the junior competition for next year’s season.

Both club delegates and GSL board members acknowledge that the previous “Youth” division wasn’t facilitating the capturing or development of youth aged players.  Many players aged 16 – 18 were facing up against players between the ages of 20-35.

The new Under 18 competition is aimed at providing a much better and clearer pathway for those players who wish to continue playing post Under 16 competition.

As a result TVFC wishes to advise those Under 16 aged players from this season that there is a new competition being played next season aimed at their age group.  The club is very excited at the prospect of fielding a team in this new competition and strongly encourages players and coaches alike think seriously about entering a team.

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