The Trafalgar Victory FC Reserves team today added the title of league PREMIERS to their impressive list of achievements.  Having just won the league title only a week ago the team are aiming the complete the rare hat-trick when they next week play in the cup final in Phillip Island.  Today’s victory also made it back to back for the team from Trafalgar.

The boys looked in control of the game from the start and had winners all over the pitch.  Whilst Korumburra played a good brand of ball, the Victory boys always had the answers whenever challenged.

Striker Cameron Wyatt scored the first goal of the game with a quick turn and shoot combination.  When the ball is played well to Cam he is extremely dangerous and doesn’t need many chances to make an opponent pay dearly.

The second goal of the game came from some lovely passing in the box resulting in a rebound from off the upright which striker Brian Farmer confidently finished from close range.  Brian was delighted and celebrated with his team mates accordingly.

The backline held off all Korumburra advances and were seldom seriously troubled.  However, there was one fleeting moment of concern when the referee awarded a penalty for a handball against Trafalgar.  The conversion of which would have placed the score line at a precarious 2-1 margin.  However, in an outstanding gesture of sportsmanship, the Korumburra captain confessed to the referee that he had in fact made contact to the ball with his own hand.  Impressive leadership by the Korumburra captain – well done!

When the final whistle blew Trafalgar had won 2-0 and made it back to back premierships.  It was a proud moment for Captain Alex Edmondson when he announced the members of his team to receive their premiership medallions, none more so than when he called up his father Mark.  The team then lifted the cup aloft and commenced celebrations.

All at the club congratulate the team upon their success today and wish them the best for next week.


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