Nominations have been received for the 2014 TVFC “Club Person” and “Junior Club Person”awards.  The voting lines are now open to determine this year’s winners.  Please use the below link to access the online voting.  Details regarding each nominee shall be added to this post shortly.

Link to online voting

2014 TVFC Club Person Nominations (in alphabetical order)

Greg Dyer

Greg assists at training for both the Under 16s and Referee/Senior sessions.  He regularly can be found fetching balls and lending a hand regardless of the weather conditions.  Greg is also a regular linesman for the senior teams.  He has offered his professional knowledge as a member of the building committee and has contributed towards the pavilion project in many ways.  He isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and often attends working bees.


Jack Farrell

Jack has coached the under 9’s this year, teaching the kids all about positions and giving them confidence to have a go and just enjoy themselves.


Shirley Guthrie

In addition to her numerous roles such as TVFC Club Secretary and Women’s Team Captain, Shirley has managed the Pavilion Project from the drafting stage onwards.

Baw Baw Shire Council handed management of the project to TVFC midway through 2013 and it has been Shirley who has overseen the drafting, pricing, consultation and construction phases of the project ever since.  Her experience and connections within the local building trade have ensured a long term quality asset for the club and a balanced budget.  TVFC is the first sports club in Gippsland to be allocated project management from BBSC via state government funding.  Shirley’s efforts and contribution have ensured the delivery of a project that both state and local government will be proud of.

Shirley invests numerous hours behind the scenes and has dedicated herself in her first year upon the committee to the betterment of the club.


Templar Hankinson

Templar has offered his vast experience and knowledge via coaching to numerous teams this season. He has ran sessions for the Under 12s, Reserves and Seniors.  When the Under 14s didn’t eventuate, it was Templar who offered to train the group all year long to keep them involved in the game.

He has been instrumental in the rebuilding of the TVFC website and other IT based processes within the club.  Templar has acted as Club Referee on numerous occasions, often with little to no notice. He is a regular at working bees and is a dedicated committee member.


Jaiden Jarvis

Jaiden has had a great year at Traf Victory and would be a worthy recipient of the Club Person of the Year Award. Jaiden has been actively contributing to the club throughout the entire season. In particular she coached the Under 11 team, with approx 14 kids to train and support throughout the season. Jaiden showed great dedication and passion for her coaching role and was a great role model for the junior kids. Jaiden also supported the Under 7 team and their coach.
Jaiden often set up and packed up the ground on game days and she also helped out by marking the pitches (although some would suggest the lines she marked out were not all entirely straight.  As a Senior Women’s player Jaiden has been a valuable team member and committed player.  Jaiden once again should be proud of her involvement with Traf Victory for the 2014 season.


Joelene Laukens

Joelene joined the committee this year and took on the demanding job of canteen coordinator.  She has given up the vast majority of her weekends to manage the canteen. She orders and purchases stock during the week and spends countless hours at the grounds every weekend running the canteen.  Her happy personality has no doubt assisted in the sales of food and drinks throughout the season.


Petamarie Mathews

Peta is the Treasurer and Registrar for the club. She sets up the registration packages, liases with Football Federation Victoria, collects fees and makes sure that members are fully registered (a process that goes from Feb to April, at it’s busiest time) some times longer. Peta works closely with the Committee to ensure that all aspects of the club run smoothly. Peta has helped in the canteen, manning it during games. Alongside Kara she cleaned the new canteen and set it up for use. Peta liases with the coach of each team and then organises the banners and trophies and helps with the presentation days at the end of the season. Peta is the TVFC rep on the Battle of Traf Committee as well as the TVFC rep on the Rec Precinct Committee. Peta is always willing to talk to and support other members of the committee and anyone else who needs support around the club.


Wayne Thege

Wayne has been assisting Mark Judd with the under 12’s and is always there at home games setting up the nets.  He has helped us by teaching us skills and helping out who ever is in goals by kicking the ball to them and getting them to kick the ball out further.  Wayne is always their to offer us support and encouragement.

Wayne was also an instrumental member of the TVFC building committee and invested considerable time in the construction side of the pavilion project.  His building expertise have benefitted the club a great deal.


2014 TVFC Junior Club Person Nominations (in alphabetical order)

Caitlyn Mathews

Caitlyn has been involved with the canteen, volunteering on numerous occasions to help out. Caitlyn (with the help of her friend and father) transferred equipment and stores from the old canteen to the new one and helped set up the new canteen. Caitlyn also cleaned the ref’s room and carried tables and chairs from the old ref’s room to the new one and set it up as well. Caitlyn is always willing to step up and help with whatever needs to be done at the time. She has been a big help to her mum Petamarie Mathews, doing various jobs for the club.


Drew Murphy

Drew has been  linesman in many senior games and the Korumburra Cup.  He has completed his Grassroots coaching Certificate and has assisted in under 11 s training with the intention of one day coaching junior soccer.  Drew has refereed many under 11 games on a Sat morning.  He also generally helps out with setting up before a game.”


Haylee Murphy

Haylee goes out of her way to offer assistance in setting / packing up for the junior teams Saturday mornings and she always steps up and volunteers her time to ref for the under elevens games without even being asked. Haylee is an all round great person and is always positive and helpful.


Dean Young

Dean has been a great help throughout the season for Jack on the under 9’s team by being a ref for a lot of the games both at home ground and other matches.



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